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I would suggest you go back and talk to the individual that pierced your ears and ask them what they suggest. I have no way of knowing how or with what your ears were pierced with so go ask the person you paid to do it, they did it they should help you out. In the future consider seeing a professional body piercer for piercings and avoid the piercing gun crowd.

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Q: Your ears were pierced recently and now they puss comes out of them what does this mean?
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What does it mean to get your ears pierced?


What does a pierced right ear mean?

There used to be a standard that guys with their right ears pierced were gay and their left ears pierced were straight. It doesn't have to mean anything. And that is really outdated.

Do all American girl dolls have pierced?

If I'm not mistaken you mean pierced ears. No. You have to pay for the dolls to have pierced ears. It is about $14.00. If you ask for pierced ears they will come in a box and come with the pierced ears. You can buy earrings too. For more information go on Youtube and search Stephenswodadancer's videos.

What does it mean when a guy gets both of his ears pierced or his right?

If a guy gets his right ear pierced it means he is somewhat gay. If both ears happen to be pierced then he is also gay. So be sure when a guy gets his ear pierced that he gets his left pierced.

Did Michelle musso get his ears pierced?

Do you mean Mitchel if so then yes

What does it mean if a guy has his left ear pierced?

It means he's a guy who likes to wear an earring. A lot of guys get their left earlobes pierced; in some places it's about as common for a guy to have his left ear pierced as for girls to have their ears pierced--and most girls have pierced ears.

What is it said to mean if your ears are burning?

It folk law that is supposed to mean that someone is talking about you.

What does it mean when a man wears earrings in both ears?

Well he has both ears pierced and he's probably a nice guy, but you wouldn't want to annoy him. Thinking anything less could get you into a world of hurt. I have plenty of male clients who have both ears pierced, they are very male and very nice people.

What does it mean to have lip piercing?

it doesnt mean anything...thats like asking wat does it mean to get your ears pierced?its bascially just wat the person wanted

Does a man having both ears pierced mean hes gay?

No it does not mean you are gay it's your choice how you dress or have piercings your gay if your attracted to men

What does ears gauged mean?

when you have you ears guaged... ok you know when you get your ears pierced right ? it's usually pierced with an 18 guage or 16 guaged needle ( the smaller number sized needle , the bigger it actually is ) People do ear stretching , which is putting something guaged a little bit bigger each time making the hole bigger slowely.

What do pierced ears mean to a girl?

Some see it has another way to appear beautiful and look good. Others can view it as a right of passage to womanhood.