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Yes, I would take a test once you miss your period.

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Q: Your breast has been sore and swollen for about 3 weeks could you be pregnant?
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If your 7 weeks pregnant and your breast havent changed at all could there be something wrong?


Can you be pregnant if you have slight abdominal pain burping urinating alot and your breast are still swollen 2 weeks after an abnormal cycle?

maby. i dont know.Igess it depends on you

What stage of pregnancy do breast become hard and swollen?

My wife says it is very early in the pregnancy as early as week 12! she is 30 weeks pregnant for the second time

Should you be concerned with a lump in your breast at 20 weeks pregnant?

Any lump in the breast at any age should be taken seriously, as it could very well be cancer.

What could cause my breast to be sore for 3 weeks?

If you are not starting puberty, the only other times when that area may be sore is when you start to get the symptoms of breast cancer.Also when you are pregnant.

Is it possible to have tender breast if pregnant two weeks before period?

there is a chance you can be pregnant

Had period 2 weeks ago and now you are experiencing light bleeding and headache and swollen breast What could be wrong?

How about you ask your doctor? People on the Internet can't tell you.

Can you squezze breast milk if your 4 weeks pregnant?

I am 5 weeks pregnant, my first sign of my pregnancy was breast milk, not colostrum but actual white colored milk, production at about 2 weeks. So yes it is possible.

Do breast hurt at 3 weeks pregnant?

yes in most cases they do.

Could you leak breast milk at 3-4 weeks pregnant?

yes it is possible you may also be farther along than you think too.

Why you still have breast tenderness after a light period and now its been 3 weeks and still have breast tenderness?

Hi, This could be because you're pregnant. Do a test. i did 4 hpt and came back negative Hi, This could be because you're pregnant or have a hormonal imbalance or because your on birth control. Do a test.

Im almost 3 weeks delayed and I got breast soreness what could it be?

Go for a pregnancy test!! If u're not pregnant, go to the Gynae, must be hormones problem