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You would burn about 200 calories by walking for 60 minutes. About how many calories would you burn if you walk for 15 minutes

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2012-03-14 18:40:30
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Q: You would burn 200 calories by walking for 60 minutes about how many calories would you burn if you walked for 15 minutes?
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You would burn about 200 calories by walking for 60 minutes About how many calories would you burn if you walk for 15 minutes?

50 calories

How many calories are burned walking 4 km?

This depends on your weight and the length of time you walked. For example if you weighed 200lbs and walked for 15 minutes in the 4 km duration you would burn 70 calories.

How many calories would you burn if you walked 4.0 miles in 50 minutes?

200Type your answer here...

How many calories do you burn walking 2.5 kilometers?

The number of calories burned during any exercise is based on pace and weight. A 55 kilogram person walking 2.5 kilometers in 15 minutes would burn 142 calories.

How many calories would you burn for walking for 140 minutes?

you can look on an exercise calculator; it will ask for your current weight and how many minutes performing the exercise.

How many pounds loose after 15 minutes walking?

After walking 15 minutes once - nothing. After walking 15 minutes every day for a week or more - entirely dependent on your diet. The amount of calories in the foods that are available to us today is so high, that unless you control your intake you really can't shed weight solely by exercising. At a guesstimate 15 minutes of walking would burn maybe 1/4 of the calories in a mid-size muffin.

How much swimming is the same as walking 2 miles?

The average person burns about 200 calories walking 2 miles. To burn 200 calories swimming, you would need to swim about 15 to 20 minutes depending how you are swimming.

How many calories burned walking on a treadmill for one hour?

It depends on your weight, your speed and the distance you walked but the average calorie burn for about a 130 pound person would be about 180 calories.

If I weigh 180 pounds how many calories would I burn if I walked for one hour?

IF you weight 180 pounds, you can burn between 400 and 500 calories while walking for one hours.

How long would you have to walk to burn 72 calories?

This entirely depends on the pace at which you are walking, and what condition your body is in. Someone who is very fit, and very trim, will not burn 72 calories as quickly as someone who is not very fit or trim when walking at the same speed.Lets say you were to walk at 3mph, which is about an average walking pace for many people. Based on your average weight, and walking at a speed of 3 miles an hour, you will burn calories at the following rate:130 to 140 pounds - 3.5 calories burned per minute145 to 155 pounds - 4.0 calories burned per minute160 to 170 pounds - 4.5 calories burned per minute175 to185 pounds - 5.0 calories burned per minute190 to 200 pounds - 5.5 calories burned per minuteSo if you were to weigh 150lbs, it would take 18 minutes of walking. 18 minutes multiplied by 4 calories a minute equals 72 calories burned. Give or take.

How long does it take to see a difference while walking to lose weigh?

3500 calories in a pound of fat if you were about 140 pounds walking an hour a day would burn 225 calories. It would take you 2 weeks to lose a pound. if i was you and trying to lose weight i would probably do this routine cut 500 calories from your diet (a pound a week of loss) jog for 30 minutes (255 calories) jump rope for 10 minutes ( 106 calories) ride a bike for 30 minutes (254 calories) 50 crunches ( just to shape up a bit because they burn baaarely any calories like 8 a minute.) From cutting a few calories and working out you would lose 2.2 pounds a week. instead of half a pound. (: so basically answering your original question, it would take a while to see any improvements from just walking.

If walked 4346 steps equal how many calories burned?

This depends on how much you weigh and how fast you walk. 4246 steps = 2.17 miles I would recommend finding a "calories burned walking calculator" and plug in 2.17 miles, your weight, and how fast you walked.

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