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Ask a friend to dare him to touch your butt and of course he will go for the dare hope u like it

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Q: You want your boyfriend to touch your butt?
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Does my boyfriend like my best friend if he asked her can he touch her butt?

he likes her butt.

What do you do when your boyfriend grabs your butt?

If you dont want him to do it, get a new boyfriend

Should your boyfriend touch your butt at age 11?

Maybe. but he's a pervert

Why do guys want to touch a girls' butt?

Men are stimulated by visual and tactile sensation, so they like to look and touch.

Why did your boyfriend grab your butt when he was walking behind you?

Guys are always horny , no mattar what.mabey He became really turned on by your butt & he had to touch it.

How do you let my boyfriend know its ok to touch me?

If you want your boyfriend to touch you more you need to give him a signal and touch him more ;-)

Do girls want there boyfriend to put there hand on her butt?

they hump girls naked

How do you get your boyfriend to touch you!?

You can't make anyone do anything they don't want to do.

How do you delete things on the you touch?

never heard of a you touch butt on the itouch there is a trash icon tap it then just click which thing u want to delete

What if your boyfriend wants to see and touch your breastplate should you let him?

Do what you think is best. do you want him to touch you there. if not then say so. if you do then just be careful (:

Where doi touch your boyfriend to make him want you?

Well you don't want to touch a boy where he is uncomfortable because he may think your a psycho pervert. You should not touch him in any way you should start talking to him.

How do you touch women butt without her noticing?

touch it when she is naked!