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my answer would be to play the long game. you could be mistaken about your friend and if you are you could be putting her happiness at stake, which would be a little unfair. if you are correct, then they'll split up anyway, you'll look good in comparison, or rather she'll appriciate your good traits more, especailly if you are supportive of her throughout the relationship. if you end up drifting apart then it probably means the relationship wouldn't have been that good, due to the fact that what you think is a good friendship at the moment, clearly isn't cos you hardly talk 3 months down the line because your friendship was that strong afterall, and a friendship is one of the most important things in a relationship. and even if you do drift apart you won't care anyway cos you've drifted apart. sometimes you don't get the girl you love, or at least at the time think you love, yeah it sucks, but it's a part of life your going to have to deal with.

well if i were u i would move on and forget her, i mean if she cant realize that this other guy is a jerk then she should not have you. you should look for girls that dont go for guys like that because they will most likely not be serious in their relationship. just find a better person and if its right u guys will be perfect!!

im a teen girl btw

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Q: You like a girl a lot but this girl likes your friend yourfriend is a big player and will make out with her but you actually respect the girl unlike your friend what should youdo?
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