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yes it can


It could be that you have eaten something but it can be a sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test.

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Q: You have diarrhea and gas pains and your period isn't normal at all And you can't remember when you had your last period Can this be a sign of pregnancy?
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What is wrong if you had your period a week early with a more pinkish maroonish color plus you had lower back pain and diarrhea?

If your period was lighter than normal this could be pregnancy related.

Is getting bad cramps and having diarrhea normal before getting your period?

The cramps are quite common before, during or after the period. Diarrhea is not common. It is possible to have diarrhea concomitantly with the period, but the diarrhea oftentimes is unrelated to the period.

Is yellow diarrhea normal in pregnancy?

No this is not normal. Your body should function reletively normal. IF you haven't heard of it being a common side effect of pregnancy.... example: headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, hunger cravings, constipation, hemroids.... then it's probably something you need to see your doctor about. If you have diarrhea for any extended period of time it can put you at risk for dehydration and preterm labor.

Are back and side pains nausea diarrhea and fatigue signs of pregnancy?

Yes, they are. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Is it normal to feel the fetus at five months in the lower part of the stomach?

Yes it is very normal to feel it in the stomach, you must remember you have completed half the period in months of your pregnancy.

Is fever with diarrhea strengthless tongue bitter and headache are early symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

If your period came but wasn't normal is there a chance you can be pregnant?

Yes, many women will still have a period through out pregnancy. To have a not so normal period is suspect enough to go get a pregnancy test!

Are diarrhea and cramping and a short period a signs of pregnancy?

It could be, but a stomach virus that causes the diarrhea and cramping could be making the period lighter too. Illness and stress, as well as many other things can cause a wacky period. On the other hand, a lighter and/or shorter period and diarrhea are both early symptoms of pregnancy.

Is vomiting normal after 36 weeks of pregnancy?

That isn't normal, it's impossible for a mother to vomit while the period of pregnancy.

You had a normal period on February 24 and now again on March 6 is that normal?

Well it could be a sign of pregnancy because you might have missed a period. But if not its not normal.

When do you take a pregnancy test if your period isn't normal?

pregnancy test is done if a woman missed her periods.

Is it normal to have a heavy period during pregnancy?

No, see a doctor immediately