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That isn't normal, it's impossible for a mother to vomit while the period of pregnancy.

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Q: Is vomiting normal after 36 weeks of pregnancy?
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Is it normal to start dialating at 36 weeks pregnant?

Is it normal to dialate at 36 weeks pregnant

Is numbness in your upper abdomen normal during pregnancy?

I'm having this too...I'm just about 36 weeks pregnant

How many more weeks left in a pregnancy if 6 weeks pregnant?


How many months of pregnancy is 36 weeks?

9 months

How long is a gestational pregnancy?

For humans it's about 36 weeks.

How many weeks is the 8 month of pregnancy?

at the end of month 8, 36 weeks

What is fullterm for twin pregnancy?

37 weeks. but the average is 32-36 weeks when they are born.

What if your mother went threw every pregnancy up 36 weeks is it possible you can up 36 weeks to?

36 weeks is considered premature. 37-42 weeks is generally accepted as a healthy term.

How many weeks between January 1 and September 11?

36 weeks and 1 day in a normal year, or 36 weeks and 2 days in a leap year.

How many weeks are in a pregnancy?

Forty weeks.36 weeks is standard but not everyone carries until full term and some go past the 36 week mark.Most doctors count 40 weeks from the first day of your last period.

Is a lot of dizziness normal at 36 weeks gestation?

A "lot" of dizziness is never normal. Seek medical attention

What does it mean if im bleeding and im 36 weeks along in my pregnancy?

Bright red bleeding or like a period is not normal. If you have this get checked out immediately. If it is only a little then you could have had a 'show' (blood mixed with mucus) which is normal for this stage of pregnancy. Either way if you are worried at all see your doctor to put your mind at ease.

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