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Unfortunately, it probably means he doesn't feel the same way. But there are so many other guys out there, so be patient and keep looking.

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2014-04-29 01:56:57
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Q: You asked your crush out but he said no what does this mean?
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I asked my crush if he liked this girl and he said that he'd seen better. I asked him to tell me who and he said I would be so startled and happy. He knows a bit that I have a crush on him. Is it me?

Maybe. Why don't you ask him?

Does Niall Horan have a crush on Miranda Cosgrove?

He said shes his 'valentine' on a video but before he said it, he said nobody then Liam asked 'Miranda?' and after a bit he said okay. So no, he doesnt have a crush on her :)

What do you do if you asked out your crush and he said yes but then realized he wasn't ready to date yet?

If I asked out my crush and he said yes, but then realized he didn't want to go, I would be disappointed. After my disappointment, I would move on.

Does ciara have a crush on 50 cent?

yes, because I asked her & she said yes

Who doze Justin bieber have a crush on?

BEYONCE he asked her out on a date but she said no i would say yes but she said no

So my crush asked me after our kiss if i will date him or if i love him what does that mean?

If your crush asked you if you will date him or if you love him after you kissed then it means he is interested in finding out how you feel about him.

Does miley have a crush on Justin bieber?

No, about a year ago they asked him and he said that she is not her type:)

My stepbro asked my crush out on the phone for me heres what my crush said why did you interrupt me she should ask me out herself at school so what should i do?

Ask your crush out at school. Do that and see what happens.

My crush asked me if i missed him what does that mean?

If one's crashed asked whether you miss him, that means he wants you back.

What does it mean if my crush pointed me out to my teacher and said I know that one?

well if your crush is new and your teacher asked who do you know he or she could have pointed at you in response to your teacher.and another reason that maybe true is that you made a good impression on the person.

What does it mean if you ask a tween if he likes and says he doesn't know and the only reason you asked was because his dad said he had a crush on you?

he/she is simply afraid to tell you how he/she really feels about you

So me and my crush kissed but he has a gf and after a kiss he asked me if i ever had a bf what does that mean?

Your crush could be wondering if you were also taken.

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