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Q: In gym my crushes friend yelled out and asked if i liked my crush then he said his friend likes me should i believe him?
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My Friend Yelled at me When I said it was his fault?

If your friend yelled at you when you said it was his fault then he must have been upset by your statement. Talk it out.

Your friend yelled at you for no reason What should you do?

well dont get too much upset.try speaking to her/him and ask her why has she yelled at you ask her if you did anything wrong? try saying sorry but then say what did i do?

To your surprise your friend Sam RUSHES in and yelled for you?


What is the error in the sentence - She yelled too warn him but it was to late?

The to and too are mixed up. It should be: She yelled to warn him but it was too late.

What should you do if you yelled at a teacher?

You should apologize to the teacher for being disrespectful.

My Best Friend Gave me A rude Tone and yelled at me does he hate me or something?

When friend yells at their friend and uses a rude tone, they don't actually hate their friend. They may just be mad at them.

Example of a dialog with interjection?

Tom yelled,"Wow!" "I can't believe that we won the championship!"

How do you spell yell in the past tense?

yelled ( I yelled, She yelled)

Is yelled onomatopoeia?

Yelled is not an onomatopoeia:)

Should a person kill their mother if they get yelled at?

Absolutely not. There is NO reason to do so, ever.

Is saying you only have one friend a put- down?

it sort of is. this means that "your're unpopular and no one likes you" no offense if this was yelled at you.

How do you spell yelled?

Yelled is the correct spelling.