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Q: In gym my crushes friend yelled out and asked if i liked my crush then he said his friend likes me should i believe him?
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Describe your embarrassing moment in your life?

I met my wife when we were co-workers. I saw my children from a previous marriage quite frequently. One day, she had came to my desk to ask a quesiton and my other co-worker asked if the kids had gone back to their mom's. Then, my co-worker said, "What? You're divorced?" Then, she slapped me in te back of my head and walked away in a huff. Later, she tod me she had an eye onme for months, but thought I was amrried because I talked about my kids a lot, so she backed off. Then, she got mad when she found out, because shehad bee wanting to go out with me for months. I told her she just could have asked, and she said she didn't talk like that to married men. So, she was just exasperated when she found out I was single, so she smacked me. I was in 3rd grade, and I was going on a bathroom break alone. When I got in the stall, there was another girl in the bathroom, I looked under the stalls and she had the same shoes as my best friend, Carmen. Carmen had just left the room to go to the bathroom, but I never saw her return, so I assumed it was her. I wanted to surprise her, so, when I was done, I flushed the toliet and unlocked the door. I held the door in front of me, and waited for her to get out of the bathroom. Then, she unlocked her stall and walked out. Before I looked at her, I yelled, "Hey, Carmen!" and turns out it was a 7th grader. I then quickly said, "I thought you were my friend, Carmen," to her shocked face. I washed my hands and then walked out of the bathroom. When I hit the hallway, I ran back down to my classroom and never told anyone.

Why do some nurses have a god complex?

Some nurses have a God complex because they "think" they have "power" since they are the mediator between the patient & the doctor. Sometimes they are overworked with high patient volume ratios 5:1, 6:1. The higher the work load- documentation, meds, teaching, tests, trying to get a hold the doctors for orders, etc, the more stress, anger, resentment towards patients & their families. I am a nurse & felt burnt out. I felt like the doctors always took advantage of nurses when they did not want to do something or talk to the patient/family member, but if they made a mistake they blame it on the nurse. Likewise, I felt like patients/family act like nurses are their personal maids/servants & that even certain basic things they could do for themselves at home they wouldn't do in the hospital. Sometimes nurse are yelled at by patients/family & they spend the most time/know more about what's going. That is why alot of nurses leave & do other things. Who wants to bother with all that drama everyday going to work. Nurses have all the responsibility, but no autonomy. They don't tell you how difficult nursing can be & how other "nurses eat their young." There is also bullying in nursing by other nurses.

How can you tell if your man is cheating on you?

How i have learn from the past if when my ex husband cheated on me he kept everything a secret i couldn't sit next to him at the computer he would never tell me where he was going and he made it into a habit to leave for weeks at a time when all my friends would tell me he was cheating i supported him and said he wasn't. One day my friend asked me to go to the library so i did we were going to have a picnic well while i waited for her to show up i went in side and got onto a computer and when i turned i saw my man instead of going to him i hide behind a few things an walked all the way around him just to see him holding hands with my little sister i still didn't go to him the time i did was when he kissed her i could not help my self i yelled at him in front of everyone she my little sister thought me and him were over with but she didn't know that he had just talked to me and told me he was out with a buddy of his... needless to say about 3 days later he comes back and i take him back yea i know stupid we get better then he gets online girls and it still to me is cheating you only tell the girl your with you love them even after all that i stay me and him were together for 3 years i have been beaten and abused and cheated so take it from me i know where this all is coming from i even had a child with this man and still he left me for a 16 year old but you have to see it this was fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you so with that being said cheaters will always be cheaters unless you truly love some one and that's the only way to stop it and just so every one knows I'm in this problem again i think my man is cheating again because of the text messages to a number i don't know of some girl saying hey sexy i know your sleeping but text me when you wake up there is no reason to stay with a cheater run while you still can before you get trapped Sometimes it's very difficult to tell. It depends on how sneaky the man is. These are some signs: The smell of perfume off them; Finding things like an earring or a piece of clothing in the car; Finding motels, hotels or trips on your Visa bill that you don't know about; Finding phone numbers without a name in his wallet or on his cell phone; Lipstick on any part of a man's clothing; If he says he's working late all the time; If he doesn't keep dates with you and gives no explanation; If he forgets your birthday, anniversary; If he is out too often with the guys drinking; If he doesn't consider your feelings to some extent; If it's all about sex and he doesn't take you out on dates. There are more signs, but I think you get the general idea. BEWARE! Some men do work long shifts and are hard workers, so don't take it to heart if he has to work. If you are suspicious then phone him at work every so often. Also, often when someone phones you on your cell (it could be anyone) there is no name and just a number. Some men have lousy memories and can forget birthdays and anniversaries so the trick is to give them suttle hints and if that doesn't work then communicate the fact it is your birthday or anniversary coming up and if he still doesn't do something nice for you, then you may have something to worry about. If you are young and just living together or haven't been married that long it takes awhile for some young men to realize they just can't go out with their buddies anytime they feel like it, but it doesn't mean they are cheating. Some men take their girlfriends or wives for granted, but that doesn't make them a cheater either. If you have strong suspicions about his cheating it's best to face him and tell him about your feelings and when you ask "I think you are cheating on me" watch his eyes! "The eyes are the windows of the soul." They usually won't be able to look you in the eye and if they can the eyes dart back and forth or their face will turn red. Also watch his body language. They will shift back and forth on their feet, or sluff off your question and walk into another room or turn their back on you and become angry (a cover-up to scare you and make you believe YOU are out of your mind and overly jealous.) My answer- In the beginning -You will catch them smiling to themselves when they think you are not looking. They will appear "far away" and not hear what you have to say because they are thinking of someone else. They buy new clothes, go shopping by themselves. Buy a new phone and keep it close, checking for texts often. Reach for the phone quickly when before they never got off their backsides for anyone who called (fear of her phoning and getting caught out) As time moves on- They will pick a fight out of nowhere and disappear for hours, probably coming back with an apology and making it up to you(guilt). Go out randomly with "the boys"and come home late or not at all (pressure from the other woman to stay the night). Get stressed and annoyed with you more (the guilt they feel is getting to them and they must release it somewhere, possibly also feeling pressure from the other woman) Pick another fight, disappear and make it up to you. Get angry with you (blaming "someone" for the mess THEY have made and now find themselves in) make it up to you when the guilt sets back in and the cycle goes on...and on.... MY OPINION: Here are some of the signs that your man is cheating: 1. Cell phone is never too far away from him and it's on VIBRATE 2. When he does answer the phone, he'll immediately say, "Let Me Call You Back" 3. Mood Swings - happy one minute, ticked off the next minute 4. If you ask him if he's cheating, he gets VERY DEFENSIVE and goes into the attack mode making you feel as if you have a problem, not him (reverse psychology). 5. Will say, "Since you are always accusing me of cheating, I should do it." More than likely, he already is. 6. At one time he would always take your calls . . . now you get his voicemail and it takes him hours to return your call. 7. Always claim that this new friend (or friends) are business contacts or someone who is helping him with a project. Follow your heart and your gut . . . if you think that he's cheating, he probably is. A woman's instinct is rarely wrong! A man is a man once a cheater always a cheater every woman knows there man and if he is acting funny ask him and if he is seeing someone else and if he seem like he is lying don't make him feel you cant trust him but do some type of following to see if he is a worthy man of your love and if he is lying to you right then and then leave him let him know that you cant believe him and don't ever let him see you heart broken cause a boy always wants a girl to see them fall over them .if he wants you back i cant answer that for you .that's all up to you and your heart it will let you cause i don't know what your heart feels a man will act smile continuously to himself or laugh sexy when he gets a text.when he doesn't hug you or kiss you he avoids you hang out with other girls. He doesn't kiss you the way you would want him to.

You need relationship advice right now?

Ok so this is going to be a long answer because I need advice on a complicated situation that's going on right now. No one is going to read this, but if you do, thank you so much. Nobody in my life cares about my problems enough to try to help me, so this is the first thing that I could think of. First of all, im a 14 year old girl, just so you know. I have a boyfriend, and this is going to be about him. I know that middle school relationships are dumb and don't matter, but right now it matters to me, and it's been making me sad that things aren't going right, so i want to fix that and try to make myself happy. Ok, so I've been dating this guy for 4 months now. For privacy reasons I'm going to call him Cal. I know that 4 months isn't a long time for to be dating, but in middle school that's practically forever. I met him through theatre. We were in a musical together. We liked each other, and our relationship was going well. What you need to know about Cal is that he has a rep at my school for being a bit of a player. He's dated lots of girls at my school, and is known for cheating. He almost got expelled last year for sending inappropriate pictures. But he seemed different than that to me. And me being a dumb middle school girl, I fell for him pretty quick. He was cute, talented, funny, and had a great singing voice. And he told me he felt different about me than other girls. Then the next musical came along. There is this girl at my school and for privacy reasons, I’m going to call her Liz. Liz is not a very good person. She has been in a mental hospital a few times. She has tried to kill herself maybe than once. She has depression. But she is also really pretty, skinny, and talented. She is literally gorgeous. Liz was part of my friend group, just because she was in theatre. She also dated one of my friends. One day I find out that she likes Cal, my boyfriend. I’m really mad and for the rest of the day I’m scared that he is going to leave me for Liz. He promises me that he won’t, but I really am not sure, given his bad history with girls. She is also more attractive than me. He told me that he wanted me to be friends with her. At this point I was sure Liz hated me. But I got on her good side, because I didn’t want Cal to be upset. A few days later, at rehearsals, I’m with Cal and a few other friends. I was sad because of the Liz thing but he tells me not to be sad anymore. I tell him that I’m not going to be sad anymore, because in High School Musical, Gabriella was never worried about Troy leaving her for Sharpay, even though Sharpay liked Troy. 30 minutes later, he is laying on the floor in between her legs and she was playing with her hair. I also found out that he was wearing her hat the whole time. I started crying and was pissed. He sees me sad and gives her her hat back. It was good after that for a while. A few weeks later, she is in the mental hospital. She tried to kill herself. She got sad every time she saw us together. Liz promised Cal that she wasn’t cutting herself, and he believed her. But really, she was cutting her shoulders. Of course, it was assumed that I didn’t care about her. Nobody thought that I cared where she was or what happened to her. But I actually cared a lot and felt horrible, and blamed myself for what happened to her. Eventually she came back to school. The only thing was, that Cal started talking to her more, and paying her more attention. They would sit in these small rooms that are connected to the choir room called practice rooms. In the dark. They said they were talking, but I really wouldn’t have the slightest clue if they were making out in there or not. One day, very recently, it set me off. I was really sad all day. Then at rehearsals, I was talking to my friend that happens to be a guy. We were laying on the floor. I was sad, so I had my blanked, and I put it around my guy friend. Jokingly, one of my other close friends said, β€œyou have a boyfriend, you can’t cuddle with another guy”. Well, I wasn’t mad at her, but it was the thing that set me off. I yelled β€œOK, SO I CAN’T TALK TO ANOTHER GUY, BUT CAL CAN BE IN A DARK PRACTICE ROOM WITH LIZ AND NO ONE IS BOTHERED BY IT?” I cried for a while, but then rehearsals started, and I needed to be onstage with Cal. I ignored him but later we made up, cried and hugged. Later last night I texted him. I just really wanted attention, but long story short he was acting weird and eventually broke up with me 30 minutes later. Over text. He said it was because he had to focus on school. I cried a lot last night. I cried in all my morning classes. After lunch, we got back together though. He said he was sorry and that he wasn’t thinking straight last night. So we got back together. But he said later today, that every time he’s with Liz, I’m upset, and whenever he’s with me, Liz is upset. I really don’t know what to do. So my question is, what do I do? What do I say? I really need some help here.

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My Friend Yelled at me When I said it was his fault?

If your friend yelled at you when you said it was his fault then he must have been upset by your statement. Talk it out.

Your friend yelled at you for no reason What should you do?

well dont get too much upset.try speaking to her/him and ask her why has she yelled at you ask her if you did anything wrong? try saying sorry but then say what did i do?

What is the error in the sentence - She yelled too warn him but it was to late?

The to and too are mixed up. It should be: She yelled to warn him but it was too late.

What should you do if you yelled at a teacher?

You should apologize to the teacher for being disrespectful.

My Best Friend Gave me A rude Tone and yelled at me does he hate me or something?

When friend yells at their friend and uses a rude tone, they don't actually hate their friend. They may just be mad at them.

Example of a dialog with interjection?

Tom yelled,"Wow!" "I can't believe that we won the championship!"

How do you spell yell in the past tense?

yelled ( I yelled, She yelled)

What is the verb form of the capitalized verb that agrees with the sentence To your surprise your friend Sam RUSHES in and yelled for you?


Is yelled onomatopoeia?

Yelled is not an onomatopoeia:)

How do you spell yelled?

Yelled is the correct spelling.

Should a person kill their mother if they get yelled at?

Absolutely not. There is NO reason to do so, ever.

Is saying you only have one friend a put- down?

it sort of is. this means that "your're unpopular and no one likes you" no offense if this was yelled at you.

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