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Some states may have laws disallowing it, but in general, yes, the wife of a felon can have a firearm as long as the firearm is kept where the felon cannot access it. Seeing I live in Alabama this is the state i need the laws for

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Q: You are a convicted felon may your wife own a firearm secured in the home?
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Can a convicted felon's wife or son own weapons that are not in the felon's place of residence?

can a convicted felon's wife own a firearm that is not in his home

Is it a federal crime for a convicted felon to have a firearm at his home after ten years have elapsed from his release?

yes it is

If someone in your home is a felon is it still legal for you to own a gun?

I hope not. ADDED: It IS LEGAL FOR YOU to be able to own a firearm, HOWEVER you had better keep it somewhere else. It is not lawful for a convicted felon to be in the same house with it. Court decisions have ruled that such a situation places the convicted felon in what is known as "concurrent possession" of the firearm and they can be charged with "Unlawful Possession of a Firearm."

You are a convicted felon may your wife own a firearm in the home?

The answer is, it depends. In the United States, generally speaking, a felon cannot legally own or possess a firearm. If the felon has absolutely no access to the firearm, he hasn't techincally broken any law, but if there were some trouble and police came into the home and discovered the firearm, or if the firearm was discovered in some other way, the local DA might try to say the felon had access to the firearm because it was in the home. That has happened here a few times. Additionally, there may be state/local laws specifically prohibiting firearms in a home with a felon.

In Michigan can a mother of a convicted felon own gun if they keep it in gun safe in home?

The question doesn't state whether the convicted felon lives there or not. If he lives there the answer is definitely NO, she cannot. The courts have ruled that even being in the same residence as the firearm places the convicted felon in "concurrent possession" of the weapon, and could trigger his arrest and charges of firearm possession.

Can a felon own a handgun in Illinois?

No. A convicted felon is neither allowed to own or "POSSESS" firearms. A firearm in a convicted felon's home places them in what is known as "constructive possession" of the firearm and is illegal.

Pa convicted felon is there a way i can own a firearm for home protection?

There is a process. You will need a good lawyer, money and a lot of patience.

Can a felon have a firearm in his home or on his property?

No, he cannot have a firearm.

Can a convicted Felon own a gun at home?


Can a gun be in the home of a convicted felon?

No. Federal law prohibits a convicted felon from purchasing, possessing, or having access tofirearms and ammunition.

Can the wife of an ex felon own a gun?

That depends on the use of "ex-felon". If the husband was a convicted felon whose conviction was later overturned and their sentence reversed, then the husband is no longer a felon - that is an ex-felon. If the husband is a convicted felon who simply completed his sentence, that is not an ex-felon - that is a felon.In either case, the wife retains the right to own a firearm. However, doing so in the case of a felon husband may send her husband right back to prison - under federal law, a felon may not purchase, possess, or be given access to firearms. Having a firearm in the same home can be considered allowing a felon access to firearms, even if kept in a gun safe.

Can you as a felon in Oklahoma protect yourself at home with a firearm?

Federal law prohibits convicted felons from possessing firearms - 18 USC, 921(g). "Possessing" includes "having access" to them.