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That depends on the use of "ex-felon". If the husband was a convicted felon whose conviction was later overturned and their sentence reversed, then the husband is no longer a felon - that is an ex-felon. If the husband is a convicted felon who simply completed his sentence, that is not an ex-felon - that is a felon.
In either case, the wife retains the right to own a firearm. However, doing so in the case of a felon husband may send her husband right back to prison - under federal law, a felon may not purchase, possess, or be given access to firearms. Having a firearm in the same home can be considered allowing a felon access to firearms, even if kept in a gun safe.

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Q: Can the wife of an ex felon own a gun?
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Can a Californian ex felon own a gun for hunting in Texas?

No an ex felon can't own a gun , and if so it would have to be a non violent felony

Can an ex felon own a airsoft gun in California?


Can an ex-felon have an airsoft gun in Florida?

Yes, a convicted felon can own and airsoft gun and/or a BB gun. It is a real gun that convicted felons cannot own, in which this would be illegal.

How can an ex felon own a gun?

The felon will need a lot of money, a very good lawyer and expect to never be able to own one.

Can a ex-felon get a concealed permit in tx to carry a hand gun?

It depends on what you mean by "ex" felon. Generally speaking, there is no such thing as an ex felon. People typically used the term ex-felon to mean someone who is no longer in prison, but the person still a felon. If a person has a felony on his record, he cannot legally own or even possess a firearm, and no state will issue a gun permit to him. The exception to that is a felon who has had his rights restored. This is something you have to request through a legal process, so if that has happened, the felon will know it.

Can a ex felon own a paintball gun in Virginia?

Yes, they do not do a background chek when you order one.

Can an ex-felon legally own a black powder gun in Oklahoma?

It depends on what the felony was, but in most cases, yes. This has to do with the second amendment.

Can a ex felon sale a gun to a gun store in Texas?

"Ex felon"? Either you're a felon, or you're not. If you are, then you can have a firearm you owned legally prior to your conviction sold for you, but you cannot legally be in possession of that firearm at any point after your conviction.

Can an ex-felon who was a first time offender and have paid his debt to society own a handgun anywhere in the US?

Well, to start, there is really no such thing as an ex-felon. You've either never been a felon, or you are a felon. "Out of prison" does not mean "ex-felon." A felon can sometimes, under some circumstances, have his rights restored. In that case, yes, the felon can own a handgun. If his rights have not been restored, no.

How long after a conviction is a ex felon in California allowed to posses a firearm?

Never. A felon has lost the right to possess a gun.

Can an ex felon hold shoot go hunting with a gun if he is with friends that own the gun?

It depends on what you mean by "ex" felon. If the felony has been expunged or otherwise removed, the answer is maybe, but you should check with a local attorney familiar with firearms laws. If you simply mean "out of prison" but the felony is still on the person's record, the answer is no, at least in the U.S. Felons are not allowed to own or possess firearms in the U.S.

Can an ex felon be around a gun?

That depends on whether we're talking about an actual ex-felon here, or if you're using the term for what is actually an ex-convict. An ex-felon would be someone who had been convicted of a felony, but for whom the conviction was later overturned and reverse. They are no longer a felon at that point. For someone who is convicted of a felony, and the judgment does not get overturned, they are a felon - the label does not go away.In the case of an actual ex-felon, who is no longer a felon by a reversal and overturning of their conviction, yes, they may be.In the case of an ex-convict, who still remains a felon, the answer is no. A felon may not purchase, possess, or be allowed access to firearms.