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36 weeks ago.

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Q: You are 36 weeks pregnant when did you get pregnant?
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Is it normal to start dialating at 36 weeks pregnant?

Is it normal to dialate at 36 weeks pregnant

How many weeks are humans pregnant for?

Generally humans are pregnant for 36 weeks, or 9 months

How many more weeks left in a pregnancy if 6 weeks pregnant?


What does it mean if you are 30 weeks pregnant measuring 36 weeks?

It means you're fat.

If you are 6 weeks pregnant when is your due date?

30 weeks away. 9 months is 36 weeks.

How many months are you when your 36 weeks pregnant?

9 months.

Why are you having sharp pains in your vagina at 36 weeks pregnant?

If you are at 36 weeks pregnant and having sharp vaginal pains, it could be caused by the cervix dilating. This can happen days or weeks prior to actual delivery.

What does your belly measure at 36-38 weeks pregnant?

36-38 cms usually 36-38 cms usually

How are you 37weeks pregnant when your really 36 weeks pregnant?

The number of weeks is estimated roughly through the development of your baby. If it was conceived 36 weeks ago, it just means its developing a few days before it was expected, it's good news.

How long are you pregnant with a baby?

36-37 weeks it can be shorter or longer depending on the health of the mother... usually it is around 9 months (36 weeks)

How many weeks in nine months?

you are 36 week if you are nine months pregnant.

If you are 36 weeks pregnant and ready to have your baby what can you do to induce labor?

You are not "ready to have your baby" if you are only 36 weeks. It would be dangerous for your baby, who would be born a preemie.

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