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Decreased synthesis of estrogen, due to too little body fat. The decreased secretion of the hormone leptin, which lowers secretion of gonadotrophin releasing hormone from the hypothalamus, which in turn lowers estrogen levels.

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Q: Women athletes sometimes experience disturbances in their menstrual cycles because of?
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Why do athletes experience muscular fatigue less quickly than non athletes?

Athletes produce less lactic acid than non-athletes.

What causes you to miss your period two months in a row?

Pregnancy or lactation may cause periods to cease. Another reason may be serious malnutrition. Female athletes or those who do a great deal of exercise, such as bullimics, may experience amenorrhea (ceasing of menstruation). Various hormonal disturbances, and even tumors may cause this disorder. Finally, menopause will cause menstrual cycles to taper off and finally cease. This is normal in middle aged women.

How oral contraceptives are related to the phases of the menstrual cycle?

oral contraceptive use and menstrual cycle phase are suggested to influence the risk of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in female athletes

Are the Russian's the greatest athletes?

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What is oligomenorrhagia?

It is infrequent and very light menstrual periods which can be due to Hormonal disorders, polycystic ovaries, stress and also seen in athletes

What process causes athletes to experience burning sensation in their muscles?

Lactic acid fermentation

What process causes athletes to experience a burning sensation their muscles?

Lactic acid fermentation

What causes of not having a menstrual for a year?

anorexic women or intense female athletes might not have periods because their bodies are not healthy enough to nurture a growing fetus.

How many athletes get hurt a year?

loads because they fall over sometimes. are you that thick?

What has the author Beverly F Triana written?

Beverly F Triana has written: 'Menstrual dysfunction in runners' -- subject(s): Amenorrhea, Menstrual cycle, Menstruation disorders, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Running for women, Physiology, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Menstrual cycle, Running for women, Stress (Physiology), Women track and field athletes

What do athletes run on?

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Why do athletes experience a burning sensation in their muscles after exercise?

It is caused by the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.