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Not exactly junk, but, it's not a Model 70

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Q: Winchester mod 770 junk or what?
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What is the manufacture date of a winchester model 770 serial number G945139?

Your winchester model 770 was made by winchester between 1969-1971.

What is a Model 770 Winchester 243 worth?

your 770 is worth about $250..00 to $300.00 hope this helps

What is age of Winchester mod 42 with serial 138185?

Your winchester model 42 was made by winchester in 1959.

How much is a Winchester 770-30-06 worth?

100-500 uSd

How old is Winchester mod 94 sn 3910894?

your winchester model 1894 rifle was made by winchester in 1973.

When was Winchester mod 94 serial number 2088990 made?

Your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1955.

Is a Winchester mod 70 Winchester .270 cal a long action rifle?


What is the difference between a Mod 62 and a Mod 62A Winchester?

A change in the breech bolt mechanism.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 94?

what is the year of winchester mod 94 sn 3295692

How can you date a Winchester mod 94?

by the serial number........................

What years were Winchester mod 370 made?

the Winchester model 370 was made from 1968-1973.

How old is a Winchester 94 32WS?

when was a winchester mod 94 32ws ser# 978991 made