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He will usually skip over your house if you are still awake, and will only come back later when you are asleep. Better go to bed quick!

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Q: Will santa Claus give you a present if your awake?
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Will Santa Claus give you a present?

Santa Claus probably will if you are good.

Does Santa Claus give you presents when you're awake?

Ummmmm No. I would lie to you about how santa is real and stuff but I don't feel like it. Santa Claus isn't asleep he doesnt exist.

Can Santa Claus give you a PS3?

There are adults that claim Santa Claus did give someone a PS3

Would Santa Claus give a 9 year old a iPad 2?

Maybe. You never know with Santa Claus. ;)

How many kids Santa Claus has?

he never had kids. so that's why he bring other kids present's because he never got to give kids any present.

What gift did Comet give Santa in Santa Claus?

He probaly gave him cookies!

Why does Santa Claus give presents?

because he wants to

Why you have Santa Claus?

to give thanks and joy to people

Does Santa Claus give as what you wish for cristmas?

yes he give you pets to

Why do Santa Claus give gifts?

Santa gives gifts to make people happy.

What does Santa Claus give to naughty people?

Lumps of Coal

What is Mrs Claus' phone number?

Mrs. Claus' phone number (if she has one) is not known. Santa and Mrs. Claus never give out that information.