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Eating or vaporizing marijuana is certainly better than the alternative of smoking it.

While science has yet to undeniably prove an overall healing propety in pot there certainly are some positive side effects that will probably speed up your recovery time, NOT slow it down.

Your appetite will most likely increase causing you to ingest more proteins, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that your body needs to heal itself.

You will also most likely be drinking more water, which is essential for healing.

There is an active ingredient in Sativa-1 that acts as a very efficient anti-inflammatory which will certainly aid in the recovery process

Depending on how your react psychologically to bud you could be filled with more loving and positive emotions which can aid in the healing process.

Your body will be in a much less agitated and more relaxed state, allowing your body to consume less energy on other things and spend more energy on healing.

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2012-06-21 15:45:51
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Q: Will eating marijuana slow healing time after surgery?
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Marijuana and cannabinoids are known to speed up metabolism so you can rephrase your question to a doctor now :)

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It would slow down the healing process slightly but if your goin to do it using a vaporiser it is better than smoking a joint or something like that as tabbaco thins the blood delivierying less oxygen to the wound

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Make sure you use a vaporizer, ingest it orally or use the essential oil. Marijuana is a miracle drug that can cure cancer. There are many healing methods that have been withheld from you If you are sick or are having a hard time recovering from surgery marijuana can help you. But remember this, the most important part of healing is giving your body things that it needs (essential fatty acids) and positive thinking to synthesize certain chemicals in your body to also help healing. I am convinced the Bob Beck Protocol can help heal as well.

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jus hurt my finger doesnt stop be preety sure it helps

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