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The lean chicken won't, but chicken that is deep fried and has a coating that contains a high amount of fat could make you gain weight. It's always the coating over the chicken, not the meat itself, that attributes to weight gain. For example in KFC, the coating of flour and other ingredients they use which is then deep-fried in fats and oils, is what makes chicken more fatty, thus making you gain weight.

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Q: Will chicken make you gain weight?
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Do chicken fingers make you gain weight?

Only that which is deep-fried. If baked or roasted and if the covering over the chicken strips or "fingers" does not have any oil in it, then no, it won't make you gain weight.

Do chicken nuggets make you gain weight?

Yes. Often chicken nuggets are fried or deep fried. When you fry chicken, you have to add oil or lard to the mixture over the chicken to make it actually fry in the pan and not burn. It is this oil or fat that is in the covering on the meat that will make a person gain weight.

Why are chicken wings bad for you?

Grilled chicken is bad for you because it can make you gain weight fast.\AnswerGrilled chicken is actually not bad for your health if it is grilled without much oils and salt added. Grilled chicken with oils and high amount of salts can produce a lot of grease, which can lead to acne and higher blood pressure. Eating a lot of grilled chicken can make you gain weight and obese.

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