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no it can make you gain weight!

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Q: Air conditioning on can cause weight gain?
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Does swallowing air make you gain weight over time?

Swallowing air doesn't make you gain weight, but it does cause bloating. Bloating can make you look like you have gained a little bit of weight, until it stops.

How do you calculate heat gain for air conditioning?

Hire an Engineer

What could cause overheating in a Nissan Frontier when the air conditioning is turned on?

A bad thermostat can cause overheating in a Nissan Frontier when the air conditioning is turned on. A bad compressor can also cause this.

Will air conditioning cause dry skin?

Because the home is sealed in order to prevent air flow from outside to inside, air conditioning can cause dry skin. It also removes the humidity in the air.

Can having the air conditioning on too low cause itching?

Air conditioning is drying because part of the cooling process dries out the air.

What is wrong with your air conditioning on Kia Sedona?

Several things can cause your Kia air conditioning to stop working. The most common cause is a need for the Freon to be recharged.

Will air conditioning blowing on your arm cause it to hurt?


Can a bad air conditioning unit cause emission test to fail?


What can broken air conditioning cause?

well, it can cause a warm house! resulting in a heat stroke.

What are the likely causes of an air conditioning malfunction?

One cause of a cars air conditioning to brake is the temperature of the air conditioner. Using to much cold air at a certain amount of time can damage your air conditioner.

How many tons is a york n2ahd14a06a?

The York N2AHD14A is a model number for a split-system air conditioning unit, not a weight measurement in tons. The "ton" measurement in the context of air conditioning refers to the cooling capacity of the unit, not its weight.

1966 Chevelle ss does a the car weight?

With air conditioning, which adds about 100lbs., about 3400lbs.