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Swallowing air doesn't make you gain weight, but it does cause bloating. Bloating can make you look like you have gained a little bit of weight, until it stops.

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Q: Does swallowing air make you gain weight over time?
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Does seroquel make you gain weight is there any thig short of stopping the drug to help it works for you but you cant afford to gain anymore?

the pill itself doesn't make you gain weight, but the sleepyness tends to make ppl over eat

Do chicken fingers make you gain weight?

Only that which is deep-fried. If baked or roasted and if the covering over the chicken strips or "fingers" does not have any oil in it, then no, it won't make you gain weight.

Does over the counter sleep aid cause weight gain?

No, over the counter sleep aids will not cause weight gain.

Is over eating bad for you?

Over eating causes you to gain weight

Will chicken make you gain weight?

The lean chicken won't, but chicken that is deep fried and has a coating that contains a high amount of fat could make you gain weight. It's always the coating over the chicken, not the meat itself, that attributes to weight gain. For example in KFC, the coating of flour and other ingredients they use which is then deep-fried in fats and oils, is what makes chicken more fatty, thus making you gain weight.

Do calories make you gain weight?

Yes, if you go over your daily maintenance(the amount of calories your body burns of daily) you will gain weight. If you can keep it at the same level you will maintain weight and if you go under your daily maintenance you will loose weight.

Do chicken nuggets make you gain weight?

Yes. Often chicken nuggets are fried or deep fried. When you fry chicken, you have to add oil or lard to the mixture over the chicken to make it actually fry in the pan and not burn. It is this oil or fat that is in the covering on the meat that will make a person gain weight.

What cause sudden weight gain if you are not pregnant?

Over Eating

Why would a dog gain mass over time?

The reason why they gain weight over time is because of the food(s) they eat.

Does thyroid problems can cause weight gain or loss and fatigue?

An over active thyroid can cause weight loss an underactive thyroid can cause weight gain

What to eat to gain weight on your bottom?

what to eat to gain weight on your bottom Generally, when you gain weight is over all and not in just one specific place. If you sit on your rear day after day like secretaries do you will get a bigger bottom.

Does a hygroscopic substance gain or lose weight over time?