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In general, no, having a card on his mother's account will not go on his credit report, for good or bad. If the student gets a credit card with the account in his own name, possibly with his mother co-signing, that will go on his credit history.

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Q: Will an eighteen year old college student is an authorized User on moms credit cards will he have a credit report?
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Is the average number of credit cards a college student has?

No I am sure that college students do not have the average number of credit cards.

What is the right age to get a student credit card?

Whenever you start university (or, in America, college), is the correct age to get a student credit card.

What would be the best thing for a college student in credit card debt to do?

The best thing for a college student in credit card debt to do is to contact a debt consolidation company to help workout a payment plan that the student can afford.

If a college student has no previous credit history but is an authorized user on his father's credit card how long would it take to acquire a credit rating?

If you are an authorized user on an account that has never been late and has not exceeded the credit limit, then your credit score should improve within six months. If you have a little money of your own set aside, try obtaining a secured visa or mastercard through Bank of America, First Premier, or Capital One. This will help build your credit even faster.

Can an IT Training Center Issue College Credit Hours?

I would be very cautious and make sure you understand the credit issues involved. It is important that the school has a regional accreditation and is authorized to award college credit (which I do not think they are).

Where can one apply for a student credit card?

One can apply for a student credit card when one is legally considered an adult. In the United States, that is eighteen years old. Prior to that, teenagers may use credit cards if their parents are responsible for the purchases and payments on the card.

Where can one find more information about the trends of college student credit card debt?

There are several places that one can find information about the trends of college student credit card debt. Two such websites would be Total Bankruptcy as well as Credit.

Can you start to build credit if you're under eighteen years of age?

i believe you can by a checking account in your name, I'm not sure though. because normally you are'NT able to bond with any legal bonds, contracts until your eighteen. PARENTS OR ANYONE ELSE CAN PUT SOMEONE UNDER 18 ON THEIR CREDIT CARDS AS AN AUTHORIZED USER AND IT WILL REPORT ON THEIR CREDIT REPORT, GIVING THEM A CREDIT HISTORY.

What are some good credit cards for a student to have?

A credit card is something that every student over 18 needs because it helps them build up their credit rating by the time they graduate from college or university. Some of the good credit cards that offer credit cards for students are: Discover It for Students, Journey Student Rewards from Capital One, Citi Forward Card for college students, and Citi Dividend card for college students.

Does the credit score of an authorized user on your credit card affect your credit score?

No, the credit score of the authorized user will not affect the main cardholders credit score but the authorized users score can be affected as you can see

What does it take to be a credit student?

To become a credit student, one should start as soon as possible to earn college credits before entering college. This is most easily done by taking AP classes in high school.

What is the definition of freshman student in college in details with the number of credit hours?

For institutions operating on semesters, a freshman-level student is an individual with 30 or less credit hours.