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A credit card is something that every student over 18 needs because it helps them build up their credit rating by the time they graduate from college or university. Some of the good credit cards that offer credit cards for students are: Discover It for Students, Journey Student Rewards from Capital One, Citi Forward Card for college students, and Citi Dividend card for college students.

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Q: What are some good credit cards for a student to have?
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What are some sources of student credit cards?

There are many sources of student credit cards. One can obtain a student credit card through companies such as Capital One, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard.

What are some good student credit cards?

st george card, westpac card, commonwealth bank card

What are some bad student credit card offers to avoid?

For the most part, student credit cards are fairly useful for college students, but some of them should be avoided. Travel cards are fairly useful for students, so a student should seek out low interest cards.

What are some of good credit cards available today?

It depends on your situation like credit needs and credit rating. There are some introductory credit cards along with some credit cards for special rewards.

Are there credit card offers good for a college student?

You should look for credit cards which have preferably have no annual fees and offer some rewards programs. You should also go with credit cards that are from reputable banks and major financial firms.

What do the website 'Money' claim the best student credit card to be?

Student credit cards are a great way for young adults to build up a credit history. Some of the better cards for students are: Discover It Student, Capital One Journey Student Rewards, Citi Forward and Citi Dividend.

What are the benefits of a student credit card?

Some of the benefits of a student credit card are that they allow you the opportunity to establish a credit rating. Many student cards also offer rebate rewards which are also beneficial for students.

What are some tips when applying for credit cards?

Some tips for for when applying for credit cards are: making sure your credit score is good, being sure how you'll pay off your credit cards, avoiding store cards, and paying attention to your rate.

What are some good credit cards for people who have no credit?

There are various companies that have special credit cards to help you build your credit. Most companies offer secured credit cards, that would be your best bet to build your credit rating.

Credit Cards No Credit History Required for Students ?

Many students have not yet had the opportunity to build a positive credit history. Fortunately, there are lenders that offer credit cards no credit history required. Student credit cards are specially designed for young students with limited credit. Providers that offer these cards will accept applicants that may be considered a high risk by other lenders. However, applicants with a limited income must provide a cosigner unless the are over 21 years of age. Even with a cosigner, students may be looking at fairly high interest rates. The upside is that these cards give students the perfect opportunity to begin working towards a good credit score.

What are some good examples of credit cards used for balance transfers?

Some good examples of credit cards used for balance transfers are Citi Bank and Capital one. These cards offer low or no rates with account transfers.

Can I apply for a credit card online at Bank of America?

Yes, you can apply online for a wide variety of credit cards at Bank of America. Some of the different types of credit cards they offer include secured credit cards, rewards credit cards and student credit cards. Their online tool enables you to choose the cards in which you are interested and compare their various features and terms, so you can get the best card at the best rate. You can apply online at