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The girl will mostle win because they be sedutive moves, looks cute and etc

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Q: Will a boy or a girl win a staring contest?
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How do you win a staring contest?

squint your eyes and then open them, and then after a while clap in their face (:

Is it possible to win a staring contest against a poster?

No, because posters cannot blink or move.

How did you win a staring contest with a fish?

it is impossible because fish never blink ^^true but i won by forefit^^ HEHAHE

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your butt will win

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How do you fight a boy when you are a girl?

A girl wants to win fight if she is fighting with a boy, she must kick on the testicles of boy. Testicles are the main part of guy.

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You can win American Girl dolls on YouTube sometimes... just look at the date the video was made to see if the contest or sweepstakes is still going on. Type in something like "win an American Girl doll" and some videos will probably come up.

Who can win a fight girls or boys?

depending on who would be stronger but a girl or a boy could win a fight

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A Justin Bieber contest well it depends what contest it is u can win a date with him win tickets to a concert witch u can only do a contest on

What year did Poland win the Eurovision song contest?

Poland are yet to win at the Eurovision Song Contest.

How do you win a staring competition?

If you close your eyes for 10 seconds and then open them and start looking in circles around where ever you are you could win a staring competition