Who can win a fight girls or boys?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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depending on who would be stronger but a girl or a boy could win a fight

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Q: Who can win a fight girls or boys?
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What is the difference in the reasons why girls fight and boys fight?

Girls fight for boys and boys fight for girls. Girls fight because they make themselves look hot and boys fight to make themselves look hot too.

What girls fight about?

Boys Fashion Makeup

Did girls fight in battle in the civil war?

No. The troops were young men and boys. The boys were drummer boys, but many did fight as well.

Who would win a fight between all the boys in mindless behavior?

Any of the boys.... who knows

Why do guys pick fight with the girls they love?

because boys get a lot angrear than girls do.

Who would win in a fight to the death beach boys or beatles?

beach boys, theres just more of them

Do girls have it better than boys?

No, girls don't have to go to war and fight and die. Girls can do more then boys, but I agree boys do tend to be stronger than girls but it all depends on the Person. No one is really better.

Why are boys harder to raise than girls?

because boys usuly fight and punch each other

Do bearded dragons get aggressivly?

Girls and girls don't usually get aggressive with eachother. Boys and boys will kill. A girl and a boy will most likely fight.

Who would win in a fight powerpuff girls or wanda and cosmos fairy godparents?

Powerpuff girls!!

Who would win in a fight Linkin Park or fall out boys?

Fallout boys. More people and still awesome

Is there more boys or girl dogs in the world?

There are more girls in the world than boys.