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beach boys, theres just more of them

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Q: Who would win in a fight to the death beach boys or beatles?
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Who is the most successful British rock band of all time?

Many bands were pretty good to be placed as runner-up to the Beatles. Two that stick to my head the most are The Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys (even though they're a U.S. band). The Rolling Stones had a different style than the Beatles and were pretty close behind. They were also close friends of the Beatles and they both even helped each other write/play songs. The Beach Boys are also a good band, but you may wonder why. Well in the mid-sixties it was a contest between the Beatles and the Beach Boys on who can top each other off. When the Beach Boys released ''Pet Sounds'' everyone went wild for that album. That album inspired Paul to make the masterpiece ''Sgt. Pepper's''. Since "Sgt. Pepper's" it was clear that the Beatles were #1 and kept being on that spot for quite some time. Although I do have to admit that "Yellow Submarine" was a flop (both movie and album). The Beatles won their status back with another masterpiece in '69 (Abbey Road). That one sad day in April of 1970 was a shocker to everyone all around the world when the Beatles broke up. However their music still lives on and they will forever be #1.

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Yeah dude!!! Chicks and fame who wouldn't want that?!?!?!?!?

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