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Q: Will a Winchester 120 barrel fit on a Winchester 1300?
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Will Winchester ranger 120 barrel fit 1300 defender?


What Winchester barrel will fit a marlin 120 magnum shotgun?

Try a 1300 barrel

Will a Winchester 240 shot barrel fit a Winchester 120?

The only barrels that will fit the Winchester model 120 are all model 1300 winchester barrels,and most model1200 Winchester barrels.So the answer to your question is No.

Will a Winchester 1300 barrel fit a 1400 Winchester?

no the 1300 barrel does not have gas ports in it yes the 1300 barrel will fit ,no it does not have the gas ports BUT any competent machine shop or gunsmith can drill out the ports for you.

Will any Winchester 1300 barrel fit a 1300 defender?

Any barrel will fit only if you replace the tube also to a conventional 1300 tube.

Will the stock and forend of the Winchester 1200 and 1300 series interchange with the Winchester Ranger 120?

any 1200 or 1300 will fit the ranger 120

What modern barrel will fit your marlin 120 magnum?


What Winchester barrel will fit a Winchester 120?

Model 1300 barrels will fit the 120 and most 1200 barrels as well. Except that a large amount of 1200 barrels are made for 2 3/4 inch shells only. So you have to be careful which 1200 barrel you would purchase. Because the 120 is capable of 2 3/4 inch as well as the 3 inch shells same as the 1300 models all were.

Will an FN Herstal police barrel fit a Winchester 1300 defender 18 shotgun?


What modern barrel will fit with marlin co 120 magnum shotgun?


Will a Winchester model 1300 barrel fit on a model 1200 receiver?

Yes it will. All the 1200 will use the 1300 barrel and here is an excellent source for barrels.

Will a Winchester model 1200 barrel fit on a model 1300 receiver?

NoThis is from the Winchester Website:How versatile are the Model 1300 barrels? Will they fit earlier or different models?The Model 1300 barrels will fit Model 1200 receivers, but 1200 barrels will not fit a Model 1300. Model 1400 barrels will not interchange with Models 1200 or 1300 barrels.The Model 1300 Defender barrels will not interchange with the 1300 Field models and viceversa.