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Maybe she have her own reason. It could be that something happened in the past that she lost her trust towards you. She will not just accuse you of infidelity if you didn't do anything in the past. What you need to do is talk to her, make sure that you help her ease her mind. Your the only one that can assure her that you are not doing anything behind her back. Or you can take her to those place where you go each day, so she can see what you are doing when your not with her. Also give her your schedule so she will know what you do each day.

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Q: Why your wife always accuse me of cheating?
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Signs of cheating in long distance relationship?

If they accuse you of always being with other people and get mad at you for no reason

Do women who cheat on there men accuse the men of cheating also?

Yes. Gender does not matter, whenever someone is cheating they become paranoid that the other person is cheating also. Either that, or they are trying to make it seem like they would never cheat on you. Therefore, yes, women and men will accuse the other of cheating if they are cheating. Not always does this occur, but usually it happens.

Why does boyfriends accuse of cheating?

cause we can tell

Why is it that men accuse their girlfriends or wives of cheating without talking to them first?

Mostly whenever a man just ups and accuses his girlfriend or wife of cheating without talking to them first is because they either heard something about you, doesn't trust you,or is cheating themselves.

What if you think your wife has cheated without penitration?

* You have to be careful when to accuse a spouse of cheating when you don't have proof. Second guessing can get you into trouble. It would be wise to discuss your concerns with your wife. If she denies cheating and you have reason to feel that she is you can either hire a detective to follow her when she goes out or you can take a friend and follow her yourself.

How to cope when somebody accuse of cheating on the test?

deny it if you havent done it

Why do you accuse her of cheating?

You cannot accuse a person of cheating unless you have proof positive such as pictures of her with someone else kissing in a public area, etc. Listening to friends tell you she is cheating is considered hearsay (secondhand information and may not be true.) Cheating can mean different things to different individuals such as: If your wife/girlfriend met an old friend or was with a male coworker and a friend of yours saw them somewhere this does not mean she is having an affair even if she gives that person a quick kiss or a hug.

Should i stay with my cheating wife wasent my wife at the time been together 12 years have two kids we are always fighting?

if you are always fighting get out its not fair on the children

Is your wife cheating by washing underwear as soon as she gets home?

ANSWER: I don't think you can catch your wife cheating from her own underwear. Most men think they can but that is only a myth. Women are different than men and if you think your wife is cheating, why not talk to her. Stop guessing if she is, just talk to her so the two of you can move on to a better thing. Try it.

Cockate - A husband with a cheating wife?

No. A husband with a cheating wife is called a cuckold.

Why would she think you are cheating if she has no clues?

Woman intuituon. . .and a wife always know when something isnt right

When you accuse your live in boyfriend of cheating and now he is accusing you Did he really cheat and is that why he is accusing you?