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Mostly whenever a man just ups and accuses his girlfriend or wife of cheating without talking to them first is because they either heard something about you, doesn't trust you,or is cheating themselves.

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โˆ™ 2005-03-12 22:17:04
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Q: Why is it that men accuse their girlfriends or wives of cheating without talking to them first?
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Why does boyfriends accuse of cheating?

cause we can tell

How to cope when somebody accuse of cheating on the test?

deny it if you havent done it

Why do an ex-boyfriend accuse you of cheating?

because they just want you back

How do you know when they are cheating on you?

Anytime they accuse you of cheating on them is the best indicator that they in fact, are cheating on you. The old saying, when you point a finger at someone, there are 3 pointing back at you.

How do you kno when you boyfriend is cheating on you?

If you suspect he's not being 100% honest with you, follow him & find out. A relationship with no trust is no rel at all. I wouldn't accuse without proof.

How can you tell when your boyfriend is cheating?

You can tell when you r boyfriend is cheating when he starts talking about another girl a lot, when he is hanging out with another girl more than you, when he talks to another girl more, and when you catch him cheating. But don't accuse him of cheating right when he is talking about another girl because cheating isn't always the case. He might only just have feelings for another girl or has a very good friendship with her; but don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if anything is going on between them.

When you accuse your live in boyfriend of cheating and now he is accusing you Did he really cheat and is that why he is accusing you?


How do you make a sentence with accuse?

"Don't accuse me of putting that frog in your shoe without proof!"

How do you tactfully accuse your girlfriend of cheating on you with her brother?

Shoot her then tell your brother she got run over

How will you know if my partner has been sleeping around?

one of the common give aways is that they accuse you of cheating

What do you do if you accuse some one of cheating on you and they get mad because they haven't?

be sure before you accuse them of cheating that they have cheated. if you're sure enough and have enough proof and still the get mad at you,then they definitely are dominating you to hide the truth. don't get influenced by their wrath,counter them and ask the questions.

What if you accuse your bf of cheating but he denies it what if he denies even liking the girl and he tells you he loves you?

Then he probably is cheating on you and he told you he loved you to change the subject and make you frget about it

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