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i have tryed probaly more than 50 times and it says this every time i try

sorry.based on the information you have sent us you are inegible to sign up for getting really anoying and about a month ago my dad tryed and it worked for him!!! its so rediculis!!!!

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Q: Why wont it let me sign up for youtube?
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I tried signing up for YouTube but i accidentally clicked the wrong date of birth and now it wont let me access it. How can i make an account?

Just click on "Sign Up" and make a new account.

Imvu wont let you sign up?

imvu will always let u sign up sumone might hav ur username

Why wont YouTube let me save a picture for my YouTube default?

I don't know. Maybe it's your computer worrying about a virus. I have an account on Youtube called TheyCallMeDaBomb, LOOK IT UP!! :D

Why wont it let you sign up for the raving rabbids fan club?

cheese puffs are too awesome

Does it cost money when you sign up on YouTube?

No, everything is free on YouTube it's free to sign up and upload videos.

How can you play Minecraft for free iv'e got on before but it wont let me on its saying bad video graphics or something like that?

it does it to me to look it up on youtube

What are some reasons if myyearbook wont let you sign up?

Generally, myyearbook will tell you if they are having updates at the time of sign up. Sometimes, if you have been flagged/reported in the past, they will block ur email.

How do you register again on quizilla if you messed up on your birthday and it wont let you?

Well all you have to do is go on to another computer and sign up on there. Then you can log on from your original computer that you messed up on:)

Why wont it let you sign up on the Lady Gaga website?

It probably was just not working that day. Because my sign up worked fine. Try again a different day or time. Thats weird though.

How do you create a YouTube channel?

Here's how to create a YouTube channel: 1. Go to YouTube 2. Click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner 3. Fill out the short form on the sign up page to create a YouTube account.Make sure to fill up all the necessary information required to sign up. 4. Check your email adress used to sign up and click the confirmation link. 5. After that, you can sign-in and upload your first video. Hope these helps.

How do you broadcast on YouTube?

sign up and upload

How Can i sign up youtube account with yahoo id?

You will be unable to sign up for a YouTube account with a Yahoo ID any more. To create a YouTube account, you must create a Google account.