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You click the button that says "Sign Up" at the top right.

(note: you must be 13 or older)

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Q: How do you sign up for YouTube?
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Does it cost money when you sign up on YouTube?

No, everything is free on YouTube it's free to sign up and upload videos.

How do you broadcast on YouTube?

sign up and upload

How do you create a YouTube channel?

Here's how to create a YouTube channel: 1. Go to YouTube 2. Click "Sign Up" in the upper right corner 3. Fill out the short form on the sign up page to create a YouTube account.Make sure to fill up all the necessary information required to sign up. 4. Check your email adress used to sign up and click the confirmation link. 5. After that, you can sign-in and upload your first video. Hope these helps.

How Can i sign up youtube account with yahoo id?

You will be unable to sign up for a YouTube account with a Yahoo ID any more. To create a YouTube account, you must create a Google account.

Went to YouTube looked at how to sign up YouTubetried to sign up for YouTube but it doesnt ask what category in?

Try again, it's not hard. Just follow the instructions. As a beginner, I also recommend the site Lowcostsmm (look it up by domain in search engines). There you can get subscribers to YouTube, and increase activity rates. I hope the recommendation will be useful to you

Do you have to pay for an YouTube accont?

No, you can sign up, upload and watch videos on YouTube for free.

Will a Gmail account give me a YouTube account?

No, But you can sign up for YouTube with that Gmail Account!

Do i have to pay when i sign up for YouTube?

No it's free!

How old to you have to be to use youtube?

You have to be 13 to sign up.

How do I sign up for Dreamforce?

watch the tutorials on youtube

Do you have to have a mobil and credit card before you sign up for YouTube?

No U do not need a credit card to sign up.

How will marriland get your friend code?

Sign up for youtube or something.