Why women flirt?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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because they want some other guys to love them and flirt with them... they are enjoying with it.. specailly in sex...

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Q: Why women flirt?
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Do gay men flirt with women?

Yes, sometimes gay men flirt with women, most often to be funny.

How do women flirt with women?

The same way they flirt with men. Make eye contact that is longer than a glance and see what the reaction is.

Do women sing to flirt?

Women may sing to flirt. As Maya Angelou says "A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."

How can you be a womanizer?

well flirt with women of course

When miroku and sango got married did mirkou still flirt with other women?

ofcourse he does, he will always flirt!

Why do women flirt and touch men?

To get their attention or you know do it

What items does the Flirt catalog sell?

The Flirt catalog sells a number of women's apparel and clothing for women. These items can include shirts, swimwear, fashion accessories, or lingerie.

What actors and actresses appeared in Women Who Know How to Flirt Are the Luckiest - 2014?

The cast of Women Who Know How to Flirt Are the Luckiest - 2014 includes: Xiaoming Huang Sonia Sui Xun Zhou

When Shirley said she was sick of Len's to flirt with other women?


How do women now when to flirt with men?

You see a large his back pocket.

Is texting another women to flirt cheating?

yes! be faithful to your girlfriend/wife!

What is the difference between coquette and flirt?

As a noun they are interchangeable, I think, except coquettes are always women and maybe a man can be a flirt, but the word is not used much for men.