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Yes, sometimes gay men flirt with women, most often to be funny.

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Q: Do gay men flirt with women?
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Is there any difference why women are gay and men being gay?

When women are gay, they are interested in other women. When men are gay, they are intersted in other men

I like to flirt with men and have them look at me but I am sexually more comfortable with women. Am I gay?

No,its perfectly fine for a man to be flirtatious with a man but you might be bisexual .

Why gay men are angry with women?

Gay men are not angry with women. This is a myth.

Can gay men have children with women?

Yes, gay men can have children with women.

If you flirt with men are you gay?

yea pretty much Not if you're female!

Why do women flirt and touch men?

To get their attention or you know do it

Do gay men like fat women?

No. Gay is gay. If a gay guy likes women as well as men that means hes bisexual.

How do women flirt with women?

The same way they flirt with men. Make eye contact that is longer than a glance and see what the reaction is.

Why do gay men chase women?

Gay men usually chase other men.

Why do straight men chase gay women?

Straight men generally do NOT chase gay women unless they don't know the woman is gay.

Do gay men have it harder then gay women?

yes they do

What is the difference in coming out information between gay men and gay women?

Gay men are men who are attracted to men, and Lesbians are women who are attracted to women, they both like people of their same gender, but they are different genders from each other.