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Spanish colonization of the Americas began with the capture and subjugation of local Indigenous peoples of the Americas, first of the Native Caribbean people by Christopher Columbus on his four voyages. Initially, enslavement represented one means by which the Columbus and other Castilians mobilized native labor and met production quotas. In 1501 the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, granted permission to the colonists of the Caribbean to import African slaves.

In the souther states the weather was ideal for the cotton crops. The Eurpeans could not and the white could not work in the field in hot weather and the natives were to wild to keep them restrained. The black Afrincan fit the profile of a person born to work in the cotton fields.

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Q: Why were African slaves transported to the New World?
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What was the approximate number of Aftican slaves transported to the New World?


How were slaves brought to a new world?

Slaves were brought to the New World from Africa primarily through the transatlantic slave trade. They were captured by African slave traders and then sold to European slave traders who transported them across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. This brutal system of forced labor lasted for several centuries, resulting in millions of Africans being enslaved in the New World.

Did African slaves usually enjoyed their trip from Africa to the New World?


What year did slaves first arrive in the new world from Africa?

The first African slaves arrived in Hispaniola in 1501.

What is a similarity in the colonial settlement of the many English convicts and African slaves?

A similarity is that both English convicts and African slaves were forcibly taken from their homes and transported to new territories to provide labor for colonizers. Both groups suffered harsh conditions and had limited rights and freedoms in their new environments.

Where did most of the slaves sent to the Americas originally come from?

Most of the slaves sent to the Americas originally came from West and Central Africa. They were captured and sold by African slave traders to European slave traders, who then transported them across the Atlantic Ocean to be enslaved in the New World colonies.

Who were the two groups of people brought to the new world for free?

servants and African slaves.

Where were African slaves first brought to work?

The first African slaves used by Europeans were used by the Portuguese, on the island of Sao Tome, to grow sugarcane. The Spanish were the first to use African slaves in the Americas (in the Caribbean), and the first English colony to use African slaves was Jamestown, Virginia (which was the first English colony in the New World). However, long before Europeans used African slaves, the Africans had slaves who were African!

Spanish king who sent the first African slaves to the new world?

King Charles II

What religion were the African prior to coming to the new world as slaves?

(insert series of clicks and beeps)

What was the main reason the African slaves were brought to the new world?

To help the pioneers do work (for slavery).

The majority of African slaves coming to the New World?

Were delivered to South America and the West Indies.