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It's part of today's society in teens. Teenagers mainly drink because of the social aspect, for example, going out to bars, clubs, meeting friends. They also sometimes drink for the sole purpose of getting drunk

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Teenagers may drink alcohol due to peer pressure, seeking to fit in with their social group, curiosity, rebellion against authority, or to cope with stress or emotions. Additionally, cultural norms and advertising can influence teenage drinking behavior.

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Too many!I knew a kid who was by l2 a full-blast if not ( out and out) alcohol abuser, he used to trot into Sunday School DRUNK. Brother Joe couldn"t contain the lad. he came out with wild jokes such as (yes, there was a marriage made in heaven- just a few weeks ago- This was l967 Between Jayne Mansfield and John The Baptist- two heads are better than one ! (wild applause) and. the Hilton sisters ( Siamese twins) were maids of honor! Brother Joe then discovered a freshly consumed Budweiser under the guy:s desk. he was as red as a Russian flag.

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Q: Why teenagers drink alcohol?
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What percentage of teenagers die from drinking alcohol?

65% because their are a lot of teenagers who are not really responsible in those situation, some of the teenagers force other teenagers to drink alcohol

Why teenagers are tempted to experiment with alcohol?

because its fun Answer: Teenagers drink because of peer pressure and once they drink most of them love it or hate it it depends on your experience with alcohol. And it is super fun!

How many teenagers drink alcohol everyday?

Very, very few teenagers consume alcohol on a daily basis in the U.S. and the proportion has been declining over time.

Why do teenagers not drink?

Some teenagers choose not to drink due to personal or family beliefs, health reasons, religious beliefs, or concerns about the negative effects of alcohol. Peer pressure, lack of access, or fear of getting into trouble with parents or the law can also contribute to teenagers abstaining from drinking.

When do teens most commonly drink?

A high proportion of teenagers consume alcohol and the percentage increases with age.

How many teenagers drink drive?

half of teenagers that drink

Can amish drink alcohol?

After you drink coffee, does your coffee bring income?

How many teenagers drink in the UK?

3/4 most teenagers drink when they are out with there mates.

What sort of alcoholic drinks do teenagers drink?

any thing we can get lol im 16 and i drink beer vodka any kinda of alcohal lol The alcoholic beverage of choice for teenagers tends to be beer.

How dangerous is alcohol for teenagers?

Alcohol is a Central Nervous System depressant. French children drink wine from an early age. Germans drink beer from an early age. If drunk in moderation it is not too harmful. However, in the USA teenagers get drivers licenses at a very early age - 15. The combination of youthful inexperience, alcohol and a motor vehicle coupled with raging testosterone in the case of a teenage male and then you have a LETHAL combination.

Why are teens who drink more likely to put themselves in risky situation?

Alcohol lowers a persons inhibitions, and reasoning. Teenagers who drink often engage in illegal activities - such as theft, or unprotected sex... resulting in a criminal record or pregnancy !

What attracts teenagers to drink alcohol?

people that are popular in their little groups are doing it and as you know most teenagers are followers and just follow the crowd people get too stressed out in life about anything and they alcohol is the only solution and that's a totally wrong way of thinking do something that you like to do like your hobbies and stick to that alcohol is not good period