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65% because their are a lot of teenagers who are not really responsible in those situation, some of the teenagers force other teenagers to drink alcohol

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2010-04-25 17:14:22
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Q: What percentage of teenagers die from drinking alcohol?
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How many teenages die every year from drinking?

No teenagers die from drinking, only from over drinking or abusing alcohol.

How many teenagers each year die from drinking incidents from 2005 to 2010?

No one knows the actual number who die from alcohol abuse incidents.

How many people die each year in the world from alcohol?

People do not die from drinking alcohol, only from drinking it abusively or excessively.

How many teenagers die from binge drinking every year?


How many teens die a year due to alcohol?

None die of drinking alcohol, only from the abuse of alcohol.

How many kids died from alcohol?

On average, eight teenagers die each day due to alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes.Consumption of alcohol in excess of four to five drinks or more is considered binge drinking. The consumption of alcohol in this manner results in 1,300 deaths each year, making it the third leading cause of death among teenagers.

What are affects on drinking alcohol?

u can get drunk and die

Can you die from a small amount of alcohol?

No, one can not die from a very small amount of alcohol. If the person drinking the alcohol is allergic they could possible die from any amount of alcohol.

How many people die each year from drinking alcohol in Australia only?

No one dies from drinking alcohol, only from abusing it.

How many teenagers die each year from drinking accidents?

more than 3000 die every year

Can drinking alcohol kill you?

Yes, in more than one way. You can die from a car accident caused by drinking. You can die by inhaling vomit while you are drunk. You can die from alcohol poisoning. See the Related Link for more information on alcohol poisoning.

What can be the result of drinking large amounts of alcohol?

you either die or get drunk

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