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If she walks away while your talking to her she may want more attention. The next time this happens stop talking as soon as she walks away and don't make a big scene out of it. If she comes back smile and give her the attention she wants. If she doesn't come back she might have found your conversation to be a bit boring, in this case spend more time with her friends(don't make it obvious) and you will have more exciting topics to talk about and more to relate with her. If you know that the girl likes you then once she starts making that first step to walk away look around you and find the closest girl(don't make it obvious) for every step she takes take a step closer to that girl. If she walks away completely start a conversation with the other girl, about anything, if she really likes you she will try to join in on the conversation or might just stand next to you waiting for you to finish, don't stop talking!!! Carry the conversation until she joins in or after you run out of things to talk about. Get the other girls name if you don't know her, and introduce her to your walkaway girl. Every time she walks away do the same, eventually she'll notice that it doesn't do her any good if she walks away, now for her, every step she takes away from you will feel like a step back in this so called relationship. Trust me this is exactly what i did it worked out fantastically. Now that I'm with her she asks me why i always talk to other girls i just start laughing lol.

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Q: Why she walks away while your talking to her?
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