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My boyfriend is so cute because he is the most adorable thing on this planet, that's why (;

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Q: Why is your boyfriend so cute?
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Does Madison Lovato have a Boyfriend?

Yes! I know its so cute.

Your boyfriend and you in a sentence?

Your boyfriend and you are cute together :)

How do you look cute for your boyfriend?

Ask your boyfriend. His is the opinion that matters.

Does Kristen Stewart have a secret boyfriend?'s Michael Agarano they look so cute together.

Inoue Mao boyfriend with matsumoto jun?

I believe so, Inoue san such a cute lady

If you think someone is cute are you crushing on them?

It depends on whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or not. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you know you can't love anyone more, then no, you aren't crushing on someone you think is cute. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend but you want this cute guy/girl more, then yes, you are crushing on them. You can't hide your crush from your girlfriend/boyfriend so you have to slowly break-up with them, by slowly starting to hang out with this cute person. If you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend then yes, you are crushing on them. But don't ask them out or anything if you are crushing on someone else too.

Do Miley Cyrus have a cute boyfriend?

mileys boyfriend is Justin gayston

How do you flirt with a boyfriend over aim to act cute with any cute expressions or ways of talking on aim and text?

What I do with my boyfriend is I talk about how cute he is, and how much I love him. You should try it!!

What cause and effect relationships about clothes?

Cute clothes+ugly person= Cute but shallow boyfriend or girlfriend. Cute clothes+cute person= Cute boyfriend or girlfriend. P.S.- I'm sorry to say it, but guys like it if you show a little skin.

Everyone thinks im cute but why dont you have a boyfriend?

Because I'm not as cute as you are.

You want to say something cute to your boyfriend?

tell him how cute he is or good heis to you

Did Nick Jonas write what did i do to your heart for Selena Gomez?

Yes there are boyfriend and girlfriend they are so cute together