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tell him how cute he is or good heis to you

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Q: You want to say something cute to your boyfriend?
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What should you say when you want to say something sweet to your boyfriend but he's shy and you don't want to scare him?

Maybe don't say it to his face. Leave a note for him or do something cute so that he'll get the idea but you don't have to be there.

What is something cute to say to your boyfriend?

'Tomorrow I'll make you a sammich.'

Whenever your boyfriend says something really sweet you just freeze what do you say back?

just be yourself & if you want to either say something cute back or smile & kiss him (:

How do you make your boyfriend smile?

Make him a sandwich. Answer Do something special for him that you know he will like. say something sweet, cute but funny to him

What to say when your boyfriend says something cute?

well if he says... "You look beautiful(hott) or cute today you can say.. -"Well thank yah!! You do too maybe even better." Then makeout.\ \ Just say something femine back that will get his spine jumping

What if your boyfriend ask why do you really want to be with him what would be the best way to say something?

Say that you want to be with him because you love him

What are some cute things you can say in a letter to your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend will think that just about anything you say is cute, but tell him how much you love him and how lucky you think you are to have him.

What would say if your boyfriend say what you wanna do cuddle or something?

Why do you want to know what someone ELSE wants to do? Tell him what YOU want to do!

Something to say to a guy that is cute and innocent?

tell him you want to give him your body and life. also tell him i want you in me

What is a cute way to say goodnight to your boyfriend?

a cute way to say goodnight to your boyfriend is send him a text saying goodnight and tell him how much you love him and why you love him i do it to my boyfriend and it works out all of the time

What should i say when my boyfriend isn't cute anymore?

well, if you love him, then to you he will always be 'cute'.

What are compliments that you can give your boyfriend?

You can call him baby or something & say he's cute or handsome & he's sweet & funny .. Basically describe him !(:

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