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because there is the risk of hitting an artery in your tongue and bleeding out. An experienced piercer will have no problem with a tongue piercing though.

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Q: Why is tongue piercing riskier than body piercing?
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How sore is getting your tongue done compared to your bellybutton?

Well if you have an experienced body piercer doing a *traditional tongue piercing (*center line tongue piercing) there should be no issues and he/she knows what to look for. If you are getting any variation of tongue piercing which goes through the actual muscle structures of the tongue then you are on your own and your piercer has no idea what's under the tissue. The location of veins, arteries as well as nerve roots can vary from person to person. The risk is much higher than standard traditional tongue piercings. So be sure you really want this done and if so be prepared to accept the consequences of your request. A real professional body piercer will not venture into unknown territory without doing a large amount of research before hand. But it still comes down to you doing your research and checking out the piercer before you commit to a piercing.

I got my tongue pierced and its to far back i went to 2 other piercers and they said it was fine but im unhappy with it if i take it out how long should i wait to get it repierced?

Normal placement is 3/4" from the tip of the tongue to the top ball. If your tongue is unusually long placement can vary slightly. If you remove the piercing (no sooner than 72 hours from the time the piercing was first done) you will need to wait at least 3~4 weeks from removal date to get the piercing redone. The tongue swells and distends once it's pierced so we need to be sure this swelling is gone and the old piercing had healed up so there is no bump or distension from the old piercing to interfere with the new piercing. edit: did you know people get (not uncommon either) brain abscesses from their tongue piercings? be careful, because this is definitely one of the most dangerous areas to pierce considering how close it is to your brain stem.

How long does it take for a six year old tongue piercing to close?

Well, its really hard to say because everyone's body will react differently, and it depends on how your body heals. A tongue piercing is considered an open wound right up until you let it close. After five years mine is still considered that. I have had mine for about five years now and I'm so used to it that when i take it out, i forget. I have gone a little over two weeks with it out and it didn't close or get smaller. I had a tongue ring for close to four years and it took a couple days at most. I don't think it actually matters how long it's been once it has been more than a year or two.

How do you say tongue twisters?

Try to speak slow. Than increase your speeds.

How long should a tongue be swollen after getting pierced?

Usually no longer than a month.

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How painful is a tongue piercing?

The initial piercing is not painful. The only thing felt is the pressure of needle. The clamp on the tongue hurts more than the actual piercing. The healing after is the painful part. The tongue will swell, and the muscle will be sore. As the tongue adjust to the metal and heals itself from the initial tear and swelling, the pain will subside, generally over a few days following the piercing. By experience, a piercing in the upper cartilage hurts more than a piercing in the tongue.

In tongue piercing more painful than industrial piercing?

No actually there are no pain receptors in the center of the tongue, they are all along the outside edge of the tongue to remind you not to bite your tongue. We are just piercing the center connective tissue between the two muscle complexes that make up the tongue so it quick simple and for the most part painless. The discomfort comes the 2nd and 3rd days post piercing when the swelling can be a bit painful and annoying. If you follow the instructions provided to you by your professional body piercer you should do just fine.

Is there anything to do with your tongue that would stop you getting it pierced?

Answer 1: The main concern is not to hit major veins. It's harder (more painful, and maybe riskier for some people) to get one's tongue pierced RIGHT SMACK DAB in the middle, rather than slightly off-center, so most people get it slightly off-center. If you want a tongue WEBBING piercing, you need to have a sufficiently webbed tongue (I did not; so sad). And, of course, if you were a hemophiliac, terrified of pain, or super-prone to infection or, I dunno, heart attacks in reaction to pain, then you might want to avoid a tongue piercing.

Is it possible to get a cheaper tongue piercing than 60 in upstate NY?

If you're going to be a cheap about your piercing, you're gonna get a hack and a bad piercing ...sorry to be harsh but its true. Save yourself in the long run this is your tongue.

Does a tongue piercing give you greater oral pleasure?

Yes, it is said that if a person has a tongue piercing and goes down on their lover, it is very pleasurable for the lover, more so than normal. It is also said that kissing someone with a tongue piercing enhances the intimacy and overall pleasure of the moment.

What hurts more a tongue piercing nose piercing belly piercing or hip piercing?

Tongue piercings do not hurt much. Even a tongue web or double tonuge which seem to have a higher pain level, do not hurt too much. As ar as I 've experienced, an ear piercing hurts more than any other piercing. I am plannig to have a conch piercing and just read at site rightpiercing dot com that it hurts too much if I plan to have an inner and outer conch at the same time. Emily

Does it matter how large your tongue is in order to pierce it?

When you go to book your appointment have the piercer look at your tongue before hand to tell you if there is enough free room for a tongue piercing. If you are told there is not enough room, then take that as fact and find something else to get done. Be aware that there are some less than reputable piercers who will attempt to pierce a tongue that just doesn't have the safe room for a piercing. This can cause damage to the gums and teeth more than a standard tongue piercing would cause.

How bad does a tongue piercing hurt in comparison to a dermal anchor?

I've never had a dermal anchor piercing but I can imagine they hurt quite a bit depending where on the body you get it. But I had my tongue pierced just over a year ago and I didn't feel a thing. Because the tongue is a muscle, the needle just slips through the layers rather than piercing through it. It can be uncomfortable afterwards, but it just feels like a muscle ache but in your tongue, and it does swell up, but mine was completely fine after 5 days of having it done. x

Can you bleed to death from a tongue piercing?

Actually yes you can. Some people have a third vein running down the middle of their tongue and when one gets a tongue piercing it is done in the middle of the tongue. So when the needle pierces it it will bleed more than tongues w/o that third vein would. But you can still get a tongue piercing if you have that 3rd vein. All professional piercers know how to control bleeding. It's in their training

If a girl has a tongue ring what does that mean?

Well actually she would have a "tongue piercing" not a "tongue ring" and it means nothing other than she has and enjoys piercings and to think anything other than that is just wrong on your part.

Where was the origin of tongue ring?

Well tongue piercing has various origins in many cultures, some factual and others just BS. In north American culture the tongue piercing originated in the BDSM and S&M world and was a submissive act dating back to the early 70's or later. Now tongue piercing is more a fashion statement than an actual sexual addition. Just for information it is a tongue piercing not a tongue ring, "rings" are never used due to there painful nature and awkwardness in eating, drinking, swallowing, etc. Some times there will be photos displayed with a ring in a tongue, but this is just for the photo and a ring is never left in the piercing.

Which one hurts more getting your tongue pierced or getting a tattoo?

The sensation of piercing varies from place to place, the tongue when pierced doesn't hurt so much as actually more a sensation of pressure. The nipples are again another sensation (keeping in mind we are talking about piercings done by a professional body piercer with skill and experience) completely different from tongue piercing. The sensation of pain is reduced by the client's mind set* (* do you want the piercing or don't you, if you want something it's much easier than when you have reservations about doing it ) and the skill of the piercer.