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Q: Why is passive smoking particularly harmful to young children?
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Why is the passive smoking particularly harmful to young children?


Difference between active and passive smoking?

Active smoking is the direct inhalation of smoke by an intended smoker while passive smoking is second hand smoking. This is a situation where smoke is inhaled (from the environment) by non intended smokers. Active and passive smoking are both harmful to the body.

How does passive smoking affect young children and babies?

Their bodies might not be as immune to the effects of smoking as well as older children. But smoking is bad for anyone.

How many people die due to passive smoking?

No way to have any statistic related to this issue, but certainly passive smoking is harmfull specially to children.

Is it harmful to breathe other peoples smoke?

passive smoking has been proven to be worse than actually smoking so yes it can kill you

Is passive smoking just as bad as normal smoking?

The risks as such are the same, but since the smoke you get into you from passive smoking is more diluted passive smoking is a bit less bad.

Secondhand smoking worse than smoking?

Secondhand smoking means the passive smoking and passive smoking is worse even than smoking cigarettes.

Is passive smoking second hand smoking?


Is smoking harmful for hepatitis b patients?

Smoking is harmful for everyone

Why should Marfan syndrome sufferers never smoke?

Smoking is particularly harmful for Marfan patients because it increases their risk of emphysema.

Is smoking breadsticks harmful?

I would imagine so.

What effects does passive smoking have on a person?

if you walk pass someone smoking and you inhale some of the smoke it will be the same as smoking but not harmful if you quickly get away from the person smoking. if your close friends smoke and your passive smoking nearly most of your days then this will be the same as smoking and will lead to poor lungs and a weaker heart so i recommend when you see someone smoke and your walking pass them , get pass them as quick as possible. And if your friends do smoke convince them to quit to make the world a better healthier place :)