Why is outgoing girl shy around you?

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2010-09-18 13:28:10

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She likes you!

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2010-09-18 13:28:10
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Q: Why is outgoing girl shy around you?
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Why does a talkative and outgoing girl act nervous and shy around me?

she likes yous

How come an outgoing guy that you like can be both more outgoing and shier around different girls?

an outgoing guy willbe outgoing with the girls who are his friends.believe me outgoing guys can be extremely shy too.he will be shy with the girl he likes from his heart.

Will an inexperienced outgoing guy be shy around the girl he likes?

It depends on how much he really cares about

Can a confident outgoing guy act shy around a shy quiet girl he likes?

Yes he because if he truly like her than he can.

Is outgoing not being shy or being shy?

If you are outgoing you are not shy.

Can a very outgoing guy be very shy around a girl and take forever to ask her out?

Ya,defenitly.It doesnt matter if he is shy or outgoing.And can take forever for a boy to ask out a girl.

What does it mean if a few confident social guys are shy and weird around a shy girl?

It probably means they like the shy girl and aren't sure how to talk to her :). Or it could mean that they find her intriguing because they are used to outgoing party girls.

Are there more teenagers who are shy or outgoing?

I believe that it evens out between shy and outgoing teenagers. Even though when teens are around there friends they seem to be more out going.

Why is the outgoing guy shy around you?

It means that he's not ready for a relationship

Can a really outgoing guy be really shy around the girl he likes and act kinda awkward and different around her?

yes a guy can get shy with a girl he likes and acts awkward and different around her although it might be bad if he acts different, you want them to show there true self

Do girls like boys who are shy?

Depends on the personality of the girl... if the girl is outgoing she will most likely go for a guy who is more outgoing also,,,,, but if she wants to be the more dominate person in the relationship she will go for a shy guy. If the girl is shy the guy will most likely have to ask her out so the guy will have to handle that one!

What does it mean if a girl is shy near you and seems outgoing with other people?

it means that she likes you

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