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Because your pregnant

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Q: Why is my stomach so huge when I'm on my period?
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Why is my stomach so hairy even though im a girl?

Genetics your moms stomach could be hairy so she passed that trait to you so that's why your stomach could be really hairy.

Can a period be just a stomach ache?

Evidently it can't be. A period is when the female bleeding from the uterus. It natrually happens. If it's a stomach ache then your getting to the point where you'are about to have your period.

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Light pink bleeding only when you wipe?

I'm the same way, never started my period, im a virgin, don't masturbate. So I'm thinking im either starting and it's really light or I am close to it... But i don't have any symptoms of starting but my stomach hurt this morning so I don't know...

Can a Stomach virus make my period late?

Yes... so can being pregnant though.

Im 12 can i have my period right now?

i started when i was nine so it is possible

Is it possible to b pregnant and have a slightly bloated stomach and lower stomach and still be on your period or is it just you being paranoid thinking you r pregnant eventhough you r on your period?

Get tested. I believe it is possible, so just get tested.

I am 12years old and have been getting stomach aches and right now i feel sick and ive grown a bit taller does this mean im about to start my period?

The stomach aches could be a sign of period pains but you could have these for quite a while so don't worry, the fact you have grown taller isn't a sign that you could start, just wait and see what happens because nobody can tell weather you will start yet or not.

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