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Yes... so can being pregnant though.

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Q: Can a Stomach virus make my period late?
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Can diet pills make you late on your period?

can diet pils make you late on your period ?

Will spoiled food always make you sick?

Yes. You will get a stomach virus that will make you diharea all day or you just throw up the virus. Its kinda like the stomach flu.

Can stomach alcer make you miss a period?

Not directly, but stress which is commonly associated with stomach ulcers can make you miss a period. If you're worried talk to your GP.

Could having diarrhea make your period come late?

Yes, it could do. Any illness can make your period late or not come at all

Can light spotting a week after your period make you miss your next one or make you late?

No it doesn't make you late and its nothing to worry about!But if you are late on your period or have irregular bleeding its probably best to go and see your GP.

Can norco make period come late?


Can herpes make your period late or not come?

No, herpes cannot make your period late. Menstruation is determined by your menstrual cycle, a cycle controlled by hormonal changes throughout your body between your brain and reproductive organs.

Can diet pills make your period early?

It makes it late.

Randomly late period Virgin and not feeling stressed?

Sometimes the body's hormones are off and can make a virgin have a late period even if she is not feeling stressed.

Can stress make your period a month late?

Yes, it can. I dated a girl who had a month-late period at least three times during our relationship, due to stress.

How can you make your period start if it is late and you are not pregnant?

Go and see the doctor

Could have fallopian tubes surgery make your period late?