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While some people use the terms interchangeably, the proper term IS magazine, Magazine comes from a French word for storage. A clip holds cartridges, so that they may be quickly loaded INTO the magazine. Example- an AR 15 rifle may have ammunition loaded in 10 round "clips". The cartridges are pushed from the clip into the magazine. The MAGAZINE is then loaded into the rifle. However, some rifles, such as the M1 Garand, used an "en bloc" clip. This held the cartridges, and the entire clip was inserted into the rifle magazine. Confused now?

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Q: Why is a gun' clip' also referred to as magazine?
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What is an airsoft clip?

Clip is a mosnomer for magazine, which is the part of the gun that holds the bbs, and feeds them into the gun.

What is a gun magazine?

The magazine is the clip that slides into a firearm that holds the ammunition

What is magazine release?

Button releases ammo clip in a gun

What magazine clip fits smith Wesson bg380?

No such thing ans a "magazine clip". If you want a magazine for it, contact S&W or your nearest gun shop.

How can I find a Clip or magazine 22 Cal hand gun?

pawn shop, gun shop, gun show

Where can you find a magazine clip?

Well, which one are you looking for? A magazine or a clip? They're not the same thing... Either one, you can typically find at gun shops.

Where can you purchase a used clip for a mossberg 22 magnum model 640 KD chuckster?

You dont deserve the gun or magazine if you call a magazine a clip.

A clip magazine for p-380?

Does not exist. If you want a magazine, try gun shops, gun shows, want ads, on line auctions.

What gun has the highest ammo capacity?

You have to be more specific. Looking at the "Magazine" or "clip" can give you a good idea on how much ammo a weapon can hold. Also the caliber size of the ammo is a factor to how much ammo is in a "Magazine/clip".

Where can i find magazine clip for tanfoglio-garone mod gt380?

Does not exist. For a magazine, try gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, MecGar, egunparts.

Need a clip for your gun?

Magazine, not clip. And what gun is it for, specifically? Without knowing this, your best bet would be to check your local gun shops, gun shows,,,,, etc.

How do you make a airsoft gun clip?

First a clip is very different from a magazine. A magazine is something that the ammo is self-contained in. A clip a "string" of bullets in which you push the bullets into the gun. I do not think it is possible to make an airsoft magazine, but they are fairly cheap to buy. A clip is something that I do not think you can make either but they are also fairly cheap. The only guns that I know make a clip are the D-Boys Kar-98 (same with Marushin). Some M1 grands use a airsoft style "clip". All in all, it is not practical to make an airsoft mag or clip.

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