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Well, which one are you looking for? A magazine or a clip? They're not the same thing...

Either one, you can typically find at gun shops.

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Q: Where can you find a magazine clip?
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Where can you find a 3 round clip to a 20 gauge jc Higgins 583.15?

THere is no clip. It is a tubular feed magazine

Can a yugo sks clip go incide a norinco type m sks?

Are you talking about the clip to load rounds into the magazine, or the magazine itself? It is a magazine, not a clip.. In regards to the clip, the answer will be yes. In regards to the magazine, the answer is no - the SKS-M uses a detachable AK magazine.

Where can you find a clip or magazine for the marlin goose gun?

www.gunsamerica should be able to help

Where can you find a magazine clip for a savage springfield model 840 222?

Looking for a magazine clip for a harrington and richardson model 865 22 cal rifle?

Does not exist. You might find a magazine at egunparts.

Where do i find a clip for a mossberg and sons inc model 342k rifle?

You might find a magazine for one at egunparts.

Where can you find ammo clips for a Colt Double Eagle in 10 MM?

You won't, because it doesn't use clips, it uses magazines. Sounds picky, but, there are weapons that use clips, not magazines. Here is the basic difference, a magazine is a container which holds ammunition, while a clip holds ammunition in place when outside the magazine, and in some weapons with an internal magazine as well. For example, the M1 Garand has an internal magazine that you load with a clip that stays in the weapon until the last round is fired and then it is ejected. The M1903 Springfield has an internal magazine that can be loaded via a clip, but, the clip does not go into the magazine. The M16 has a magazine that goes into the magazine well of the weapon. You can load the magazine with a clip, but, the magazine has to be out of the weapon to do this. Try for magazines.

What is the button that releases the clip on a handgun called?

Magazine, not clip. Hence, the button you refer to is known as the magazine release.

Where can you find a clip for a kessler model 128fr shotgun?


What magazine clip fits smith Wesson bg380?

No such thing ans a "magazine clip". If you want a magazine for it, contact S&W or your nearest gun shop.

Where can you find a Colyer clip magazine for a Winchester model 88 308?

Sarco has them in stock there part # Misc119

Where can i find magazine clip for tanfoglio-garone mod gt380?

Does not exist. For a magazine, try gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, MecGar, egunparts.