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Sarco has them in stock there part # Misc119

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โˆ™ 2010-03-01 18:44:45
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Q: Where can you find a Colyer clip magazine for a Winchester model 88 308?
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Where can you purchase extended magazine for Winchester model 100 carbine?

I have 5 I would part with. New in box. Manufactured by Colyer Clip. It says on the box it holds 8 rounds, but it will take 9, plus one in the chamber.

Winchester model 69A clip?

The model 69 uses a magazine. Try gun shops, gun shows and on line auctions

Does the Winchester 75 take a clip?

No. It takes a magazine.

Does anyone have a colyer clip model 6042 for Remington model 740 thanks Pat patdotsymonsatpaccoastdotcom?

i have a 6404.2 colyer clip for Remington slide action and semi-auto in 0.308, 0.244 or 6mm and 300 savage cailbers. new in box. email me chicchitownATyahooDOTcom.

Is there a 10 shot magazine for Winchester 69A?

Do a search for Winchester Model 69A ammo clip 10 round and you'll find multiple availability...mostly in the $30 and up range...readily available...

What model of magazine clip would replace a jw-15 magazine?

CZ-452 magazine

How many shells does the Winchester model 77 hold?

the Model 77 with magazine ( clip fed ) holds 7 rounds of long riflel only. The tube feed model I believe held 15 rounds.

Can you change a magazine load to a clip load on a 300 mag Winchester rifle?

Possible, but, expensive.

Where can you buy a clip for a Winchester Model 131 22 rifle?

Where can you purchase a used clip for a mossberg 22 magnum model 640 KD chuckster?

You dont deserve the gun or magazine if you call a magazine a clip.

Where to find a clip magazine for a Winchester model 77 .22 cal LR?

Numrich Arms (Gun parts corp {GPC}) has a lit of odd parts, eBay is another good source.

Where can you buy a daisy Winchester 191 blowback magazine?

Winchester has never made a model 191. They do make a model 11 that is designed after the Colt 1911. I think this is what you are asking. The best place to locate a spare clip is at "Pyramyd Air" online (See the link below) If is is available they will have it. You will have to call them and ask if it is available.

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