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The X stands for the cross Christ died on.
People just call it that to make writing shorter and easier. If you had to write 10+ Christmas cards, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to write the words "Merry Christmas" over and over and over again.

it's a shorter way to say it n his is correct to!!

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Q: Why is Christmas sometimes written X-mas?
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Is ruby Tuesday open on Christmas?

Sometimes, but not usually unless Xmas falls on a Tuesday

What is Xmas in relation to Christmas?

Xmas is a shortened way of writing Christmas.

Is Xmas an abbreviation for Christmas or does it have another meaning?

it is an abbreviation for Christmas 'aka Xmas'

When do you get your presents on Christmas or Christmas Eve?

If you believe in Santa then he delivers them on Xmas Eve and you open them on Xmas Day, if not it should get to your home on Xmas Eve and you open them on Xmas Day.

Are there any abbreviations for Christmas apart from Xmas?

No. Xmas is an abbreviation of Christmas - but there are not other English words for it.

What is the origin of the term Xmas?

"Xmas" is an abbreviation of the word "Christmas".

Can you list all the smaller words in Christmas?

Xmas is the word I often use sometimes. Christ As His Sat Hit

What are two other names for Christmas?

Xmas Yuletide

What is the correct abbreviation for Christmas?

Xmas is the abbreviation of Christmas.

What was the Christmas surprise in minecraft?

the christmas suprise was on xmas eve, xmas and a few days after, the chests look like presents

What is another word for the Christmas season?

Xmas, Christmas Eve, Christmastime, Christmas Day.

What does Xmas represent?

Xmas stands for christmas, it's just a shortened version.