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Well I am sorry sweetie but I am not a doctor but I could tell you that if you haven't gotten your period in 6 months its time to do something about it! I would go to the store and buy a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant! And if you are pregnant or not you need to be seen by a doctor asap! If you are not pregnant there are many disease or even cancer that may make you not have a period so you really need to get a pap smear! So I say just make an appt with your doctor if you don't have insurance there is the health department that will help you! YOU REALLY NEED TO BE SEEN BY A DOCTOR IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NOT! I hope this helps and I wish the best for you!

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Q: Why haven't i gotten my period in 6 months?
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If you havent gotten your period in over 6 months and im constipated all the time What is going on?

your hormones may be changing....How old are you? Has it happend before

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You'll have white discharge for about 6 months to 1 year, then you'll start your period.

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yes it can take 6 months to normalize your flow and 3 years to get pregnant. so relax and good luck Joymaker rn

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it is perfectly normal. some grils/women miss their menstrual period and it doesn't necessarily mean that you are pregnant. but if u have not gotten it for like 6 months then u should go talk to your doctor.

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No, she can only get her period every 6 months.

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i have got all the signs for my period varying from 2years ago to 6 months ago. I still havent got my period but i carry pads to "be prepared". There are often signs like stomache cramps, eruptions of spots, being over emotional etc so you can often tell when your about to start.

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