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yes it can take 6 months to normalize your flow and 3 years to get pregnant. so relax and good luck Joymaker rn

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Q: I quit birth control two months ago and havent started my period is that normal?
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You are almost 13 and you havent started your period yet is tht normal?

Yes quite normal, I have two daughters one started when she was 11 and the other only started at 17.

Can you get pregnant if you have not had your period in 7 month's?

If you havent had your period in 7 months you probably need to go to the doctor, that is not normal.

You used birth control for two months and stopped you got your period twice in one month when you stopped but ever since you havent gotten your period for almost a full 3 months now is that normal?

Yes, it happens to people who swim for no logical reason at all.

If i gave up breastfeeding 3 months ago and you still havent had a period is this normal?

Yes, but you might be pregnant again.

I just finished my first pack of birth control pills and I haven't started my period yet - is that normal?

I havent either. But are you sexually active? Because if so, then there is a good chance you could be pregnant. But my doctor said that its totally normal to miss your period on the first sugar pill you take. Good luck

I have white marks in my pants I havent started my period what could it be?

Women produce fluids in the vagina for lubrication or cleaning, etc. It's perfectly normal.

When you pee you wipe a very little bit of blood but its not a normal color its a pinkish orangish color and you havent had a period in 6 months because ive been on birth control what can it be?

When you're on birth control, that small amount of blood counts as a period. If you are at risk for sexually transmissible infections, then get screened at your health care provider.

If you havent started your period in the past 2 months and on birth control should you change your pill?

It is very normal! The way birth control is designed, is to make your body think it's pregnant. This means that you most likely won't have a period and if you do, it is usually very light and lasts about three days.

Is it normal to be a month late for your period if you just started taking the pill?

yes it is normal. I was late when I first started too. Just wait it out, but if you dont have it after 2 months, i would call your OBGYN

Stoped taking birth control 8 months ago im not pregnant is it normal?

The average couple takes six months to get pregnant. Eight months is not unusual.

Hello this is may first time taking ocella birth control and ive been on it for a whole month im on the white pills already but havent started my period yet is that normal?

I'm not on the brand of birth control pill, but I find it's usual for my period to take up to 4 days to come once I start the white pills.

What happens if you started the new pack of birth control while you have your period.. will your period start earlier next month?

It is normal for some women to have break through bleeding in the first couple months on BCP, your period will become very regular and possibly lighter within a few months.