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Because sex is awesome.

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Q: Why girls agree to sex?
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How many girls are agree to have a sex when a boy propose her?

You don't do that until after the wedding.

What Sex with other girls?

Sex with other girls is called being a lesbian.

Would you agree girls asking boys out?

no i don't agree because it is weird when the girls ask out the boys. the boys are the one who are supost to ask out the girls not the girls asking out the boys. that is not how it work.

Do you agree that same-sex marriage is a disadvantage?

No, I do not agree. My family has only benefited from its legalization.

Do Asian girls age?

yes, just as much as other girls i agree

Why do all girls just think constantly about sex?

not all girls think about sex all the time

Do girls suck guy's penis?

Some girls. This is called oral sex and is generally used to stimulate a man before sex, or as a replacement for sex.

How can agree a women for sex friendship?

No idea friends.

Do girls get more sex feeling than man?

yes girls do get more sex feeling than men

What percentage of girls talk about her sex life to her friends?

Over 90% of girls talk about their sex life to their friends

Would you agree that BOYS ARE MORE INTELLIGENT that girls?

No, I don't agree, even though I am a male.

What are the sex hormones for the girls?

Testosterone- boys estrogen- girls