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Sex with other girls is called being a lesbian.

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Q: What Sex with other girls?
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Is the bad girls club a bad show to watch?

Yes, it bad and there is sex and girls having sex with each other

What do girls see in other girls?

Most girls date other girls because girls are more understanding than guys.. they knkow how it feels to get their heart broken so its about love and not just sex.

How did the British Identify Nathan as a spy?

he was at a strippers having sex with other girls.

How did the british identify Nathan Hale as a spy?

he was at a strippers having sex with other girls.

Why does a man date other girls when he's attracted to one?

Because he wants sex.

Likes and dislikes of boys and girls from each other?

They all like to have sex and get preagenet

What is fishing no2?

Its having sex with three girls after watching them doing it with each other

What should you do if you like two girls?

take em both out and have sex with one a night and on the other night with the other.

How can use differentiated in a sentence?

The students were differentiated by sex...the boys on one side and the girls on the other.

Can lesbians go to jail for if one of the girls is 13 and the other girl is 17 and they have sex?


Why girls agree to sex?

Because sex is awesome.

Why do all girls just think constantly about sex?

not all girls think about sex all the time